The Green Bay Packers could make a quick buck on Vince Young

When the Green Bay Packers brought in quarterback Vince Young, there were absolutely no expectations. Young was once a somewhat successful starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, but in recent memory, he had only made headlines by calling the Eagles a dream team at a time when he backed up Michael Vick. This is also the same Vince Young that didn’t stick in Buffalo where, ironically, the Bills are short at the quarterback position.

But since turning in an impressive performance for the Packers against the Seahawks, Vince Young is suddenly a hot item at a time when teams around the league are realizing their own quarterback options are worthless.

The Packers should take advantage of the suddenly fire-hot quarterback market and attempt to move Vince Young. Considering his past, it’s not necessarily likely that Young will continue to be a productive player. Young sat on the open market for months this offseason with no takers, but chances are strong that interest from teams such as the Bills, Raiders and Jets would be strong if he hit the trade block.

The other point to consider is whether the Packers would be competitive without quarterback Aaron Rodgers. From an outsider’s perspective, the answer has to be no. The Packers’ defense isn’t strong enough, and they rely too much on Rodger’s arm. Without him under center, that offense would come to a screeching halt.

That being the case, is there any real value in keeping Vince Young in the fold. Right now, Young ranks third on the Packer’s depth chart, behind Rodgers and second year player B.J. Coleman. Coleman, by all accounts, has been given all the necessary opportunities to win the Packers’ backup job, and as a developmental player, he holds little value to the team if Young were to take his place.

Instead, it seems more advantageous for the Packers to simply attempt to move Vince Young. No, they’re not going to be getting any high draft picks, but a fifth rounder for an aging quarterback that’s never stuck anywhere in his career would be a solid take for a guy they plucked out of free agency just a few weeks ago. The quarterback market is hot for the moment, but chances are it will cool down during the regular season. The Packers should go ahead and take advantage of it while they can and get a free draft pick or two while they’re on the table.

Shane Clemons

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