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What to expect to learn in week one

Week one of the NFL season won’t answer all of our questions, or even a majority of those questions for that matter, but it will be the first sense of clarity we’ve had since February. Unlike preseason action, teams will stop at nothing to win a regular season game. Here’s a few things we can expect to learn.

Are the Dolphins or Browns really competitors?

In a great opening week matchup, the Dolphins will take on the Cleveland Browns. Both teams come into the season with relatively high expectations. The Dolphins were a trendy team this preseason, but more recently, the Browns have become a popular “most improved” pick.

This game could really go either way. The Dolphins could blow Cleveland out, the Browns could beat the Dolphins, or it could be a relatively even game. Regardless, it’ll be apparent from their level of play if either of these teams is ready for the big time.

Do coaches on the hot seat have a chance to keep their jobs?

Rex Ryan, Jim Schwartz, Mike Munchak and Ron Rivera are all going into make-or-break seasons with their teams. This weekend, we’ll get our first look at which teams will give their coaches the opportunity to keep his job. On the other hand, we may see a couple of those coaches’ teams throw them under the proverbial bus with terrible play.

Where do the New England Patriots stand?

The Patriots look like a shell of their former selves, but they still have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, and that counts for a lot. In a relatively weak division, the Patriots should still be a playoff team.

Against a bad Bills roster, it’ll be interesting to see how the Patriots stack up. Last year, it would be a blowout, but this time around, I’m not so sure. Tom Brady has a way of making his receivers better by simply putting the ball in the perfect location, but there’s little doubt the Patriots will have struggles throughout the season.

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