Dolphins sign Jordan Cameron after media reports he signed with Browns

This first couple of days of this years free agency have been bonkers. We’ve had trades galore, drama in Philly, retirements and releases upon releases upon releases. Now (if you believe the media reports), we also have a team that has flipped a verbal commitment. Normally, when someone’s verbal commitment is flipped we are talking about a high school senior who decides to go to a different school. This time it involves two NFL teams.

It was reported by multiple outlets today that Jordan Cameron was going to re-sign with the Cleveland Browns, the team where he has spent the first four years of his career. But wait a minute….

Despite reports by several national reporters that the Browns had reached an agreement on a two-year deal with the Cameron, the two sides had never actually finalized the agreement, and the Dolphins swooped in.

Within a couple of hours, at about 8:45, he signed with Miami, leaving the Browns short on options for a premier tight end.


When reports first surfaced at about 6 p.m. by Yahoo Sports, NFL Network and ESPN that the Browns had reached agreement on a two-year deal with Cameron worth $15 million, a source told Northeast Ohio Media Group that no deal had been struck at that time.

In this era of social media, it’s all about getting the story “first” and in this case Yahoo, the NFL Network and ESPN all got bit by the desire to be first (or in this case second and third) to market.

Even the great Adam Schefter got scooped…

and had to eat a little crow….

In case you are wondering, Cameron only had 24 receptions with 2 touchdowns last year with the Browns during an injury riddled season. The Dolphins hope he gets much closer to his 2013 production where he broke out for 80 receptions and touchdowns.


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