Martavis Bryant could miss Week 5 for the Steelers

Martavis Bryant has missed the first four weeks of the 2015 NFL season due to suspension, but was set to get back on the field in Week 5. Unfortunately, that might not end up being the case. According to a report from Mike Prisuta, Michael Vick is concerned about Bryant and isn’t sure whether or not he will be able to make it back into shape and get familiar with the system again in time to play.

Needless to say, this is a very disappointing piece of news for the Steelers and their fans. Bryant was expected to make a big impact this week after missing the entire season so far, but now he hasn’t been able to take care of himself enough to get back onto the field.

Last season with the Steelers, Bryant showed signs of things to come that excited the franchise. He caught 26 passes for 549 yards and eight touchdowns on the season and showed the playmaking ability that Pittsburgh saw in him when they originally drafted him. Vick is in need of all the help he can get and having Bryant across from Antonio Brown would be almost unfair.

At 6-foot-4 and 211 pounds, his physicality is something that most defense don’t have a chance to match up against.

Bryant will be back on the field in the next couple of weeks, but this news deflates the hopes that the Steelers fans had for him. It certainly isn’t a good thing that he isn’t ready to play immediately, as he should have been keeping up with everything throughout his suspension.

Keep an ear out for more news on Bryant if he’s on your fantasy football team, as there is still a chance that he can play. Bryant does have the talent to get out there and make a difference even without being completely in shape, but the Steelers would rather play it safe so that he doesn’t get hurt.

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