The NFL needs to become a game again

This is totally fucking nuts.

I honestly don’t know any other way to start this story. The NFL and all of the people involved are complete fucking lunatics.

At it’s core football is still a game even though it’s become a multi-billion dollar one. The day after the NFL season opened with the New England Patriots beating the Pittsburgh Steelers on “Thursday Night Football” the absurdity continues.

For months we’ve been aimlessly following and tracking every single movement of footballs being deflated. The action of deflating footballs ended up in FEDERAL COURT. Can we stop and think about this?

Tom Brady returned to Foxboro a folk hero because he defeated Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, who is paid over $44-million a year, in court, over deflated footballs.

Then during this said game, where Brady threw for four touchdowns torching a horrible Steelers secondary, more controversy emerged. Now it’s about radio frequencies in headsets. We’re literally going to be over run with stories about WALKIE TALKIES.

This isn’t even digging into bigger issues like domestic violence and concussions which are much deeper, broader, and serious. I’m simply concentrating on the sport of football. A sport I love watching, and consuming, and won’t stop. That’s obviously part of the problem.

The amount at stake in these games has brought an absurd amount of meaning to them. Money is the number-one root of all the problems. When money is at stake people are willing to do stupid and ridiculous things — the NFL prints money like it’s a mint.

You add that in with a maniacal want to win, a want to be remembered a certain way in history, a want to be wanted by others, and you end up with what the NFL has become today.

I’d guess the majority of the people who are fans of the NFL played sports at some level or another. At all stages you would do what you could to get a little extra edge whether it be playing in your backyard, for a high school or in college. In a weird way the pushing of the envelope was part of what made the game fun.

What’s going on around the NFL is no longer fun because everything is taken too damn seriously. Again, court over deflated fucking footballs and screwing with frequencies of walkie talkies for an advantage.

Starting at the top with Goodell, down to the owners, coaches and players there’s a somewhat simple solution to the NFL’s problem — act like civilized human beings and not a bunch of a crazy people.

The joy of the NFL is about rooting for your team, getting drunk with your buddies tailgating, talking shit to your rivals and all other stuff that comes with being a fan.

It’s time for the entire NFL to stop taking itself so seriously so we can get back to concentrating on the stuff that really matters.

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Grew up in New York and transplanted to Arizona. Fan of the Knicks, Jets and Michigan Wolverines. I like writing about basketball because basketball is fun.