Top 25 follows for NFL fans on Twitter

With training camp now in full swing football season is upon us. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet to keep you updated on information pertaining to your favorite team in real time, what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present to sign up, or if you already have an account then you should be following these 25 accounts below. You’ll pretty much never miss a beat on NFL news with these accounts. Besides, what better way to waste time at work?

1. Adam Schefter of ESPN

When it comes to breaking news, he’s the golden standard. The guy never sleeps and has all the inside sources. Not to be confused with the spoof account “Adarn Schefter” which is terrific for tricking your friends into believing that Tom Brady just got traded to the Jets.


2. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network

He’s the Schefter light. He likely benefits from being backed by the Network for cheap sources. He’s becoming more and more relevant by the day.  

3. The NFL

Gotta follow the mothership, I guess.  

5. Aaron Wilson

Wilson has secured the goose that laid the golden egg in “the list”. That’s widely known as the insider daily report that circulates around NFL teams only. Because of this he’s usually aware of who worked out who before anyone else is.

6. Pro Football Talk

Usually spits back out info that’s already out there but they do a good job of collecting it all if you want to stay in the loop.

7. New York Times 4th Down Bot

This is an interesting follow, especially on Gameday. It recaps all the 4th down plays of the day and critical decisions made by each coaching staff.

8. PFT Commenter

If you can’t joke and laugh about football then you’re missing all the fun. Everybody needs a little comedy in their timeline. This guy delivers.

9. Monday Morning Quarterback

This is a Sports Illustrated NFL coverage site that is led by Peter King. Lots of outside the box thinking and special guests.  

10. This Given Sunday

The greatest football site in the history of the world, obviously.

11. Chris Mortensen of ESPN

The Mort Report is one of the most known football reporters.

12. Mike Pereira

Big officiating decisions are covered in real time by Pereira, giving his thoughts on close calls as a former head of officiating.

13. NFL Network

Lots of highlights and news here.

14. Faux John Madden

One of the funniest parody accounts out there, constantly ripping on teams and players.

15. Football Outsiders

Statistical analysis that dives deeper into trends in the game.

16. Pro Football Focus

Their extensive grading system is so advanced that NFL teams are starting to use it.

17. Jay Glazer

He has some awful tweets and you have to deal with his fitness/UFC obsession, but he breaks important news from time to time thanks to his close personal relationships inside locker rooms.

18. Rotoworld Football

Critical for fantasy players.

19. Matthew Berry of ESPN

If you’re a fantasy football player you will need this guy’s advice to have success.

20. Jeff Darlington of NFL Network

He’s not breaking news on Rapoport’s level but his content is always solid.

21. NOT SportsCenter

Another great parody account. Not all tweets are NFL related, but many are, and they are almost always funny.

22. David J. Chao, MD

When a player gets injured, you’ll want to turn to this guy. He’s a sports doctor that will give you the best and worst case scenario for all your favorite injured players based on his expertise on the subject.  

23. Greg Aiello

The head of NFL PR that tweets out all official NFL communications to the public.

24. Awful Announcing

Media beware, this awesome site turns the tables on the vultures.

25. Jason La Canfora

Since he’s moved from the NFL Network to CBS he seems less in the know but he’s still an insider with sources. You’ll get the occasional lame tweet about his family and/or his music tastes.

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