Panthers: 5 Greatest Cam Newton Commercials

Cam Newton is taking a lot of superficial heat over trivial matters of decorum.

Hog Heaven is a Redskins fan. Based solely on the shallow nothingness of the outrage directed at him, I’m all in for Newton and the Panthers’ “in your face” Super Bowl win today. To gear up, here are my 5 greatest Cam Newton TV commercials.

No. 5 – The Newton Cam.

This one features WR Steve Smith when both were teammates. Not sure it was ever shown outside the Carolinas.

No. 4 — Sweat it out

I’ve not seen this commercial in the DC area. It ranked it because it shows just how large Newton is compared to ordinary men.

No. 3 – It’s Cam’s night, not yours.

This is the first commercial featuring Newton (I believe) and it highlights the essential Newton. There is a “Neon Deion” feel to that final “WHAT!” I hate Deion Sanders, so I understand why Newton might rub people the wrong way. But people have the right to be themselves.

No. 2 – The man can act.

Movie acting and theater acting feature two different techniques. Movie close-ups demand actors show emotion on their faces. Watch Newton’s face. The man has skills.

No. 1 – Let Newton be Newton.

This commercial is as good a response to Newton’s critics as any.

Hog Heaven is old enough to recall that small-minded people once directed similar venom at Elvis Presley (doesn’t act white enough), Joe Namath (Bart Starr doesn’t act that way). Muhammad Ali (too numerous to list here). The world reveres Presley, Namath and Ali. No one remembers their puckered-up critics.


UPDATE: Um, never-mind.

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