Thoughts on the Saints 2016 schedule

Below is the Saints’ 2016 schedule:


My first thoughts are the first four games before the bye are manageable. Starting the season 3-1 or even 4-0 is not out of the question. They will need to start fast because after the bye the schedule gets brutal. After the bye the run of vs. Carolina, @ Kansas City, vs. Seattle, @ San Francisco, vs. Denver, @ Carolina feels like running the gauntlet. Then, the Saints finish their last 4 games with 3 being on the road. I don’t see a path to the playoffs unless they start 3-1, bare minimum. And really, they probably need to go 4-0. But teams we think will be good sometimes fail and teams we expect to be terrible surprise us. So “strength of schedule” based on the previous season’s records is very misleading.

I am pumped about no cold games. That’s a huge plus for the Saints. They’re at Tampa, Arizona and Atlanta in December. The New York and Kansas City games are both early in the fall. Their coldest game is at Carolina on November 17th most likely – not bad at all.

Your thoughts?

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