Is Devin Hester a Hall of Famer?

The answer is “YES”, just maybe not for a long time. Last night Devin Hester didn’t look like a returner who has lost a few steps. Maybe he has, but when you were already about eight steps ahead of everyone else, charitably giving a few back doesn’t hurt too much. With his 62-yard punt return […]


Regardless of how it is reported, poll finds NFL is losing fans based on the domestic violence mess

It’s been one of the crappiest months in NFL history, which really hurts because the league really has reached new plateaus in terms of popularity. However, with so many high-profile domestic violence debacles leaking from the NFL world into mainstream news and the public sphere, it’s fair to wonder if a seemingly infallible, $10-billion-a-year league […]


Who will be the first head coach fired?

It’s never too early to talk about which head coach might not be gainfully employed for much longer. The equation is usually pretty simple. Owners like money, and to make the most sweet cash they need fans interested and engaged throughout the entire season. For that, winning needs to happen. A championship or two would […]


Week 3 NFL Game Watchability Rankings

Week 3 in the NFL is here, and you might be entering the weekend with your own preferences regarding which games to focus on, and which to place on the backburner. Most of you have your favorites and fantasy players to track. But in case you’re completely neutral or need help breaking ties with regard […]


Was Nick Foles’ 2013 season a fluke?

When you look at Nick Foles’ 2013 numbers, it doesn’t seem like they should be a real thing. And if there was any logic at all in this world, they wouldn’t exist. Yet there they are at any place which displays such numbers. Staring at you and beaming, telling you to call them a liar. […]


TGS weekly NFL MVP tracker

Well, the 2014 NFL regular season is literally 100 percent more complete now than it was one week ago, so these MVP rankings must carry 100 percent more weight. Problem, of course, is that 100 percent more than zero is still zero. Whatever, here’s where the top MVP candidates stand through two weeks… 1. Peyton […]


This weekend in NFL stupid

Perhaps never in history has the word “stupid” been used to describe the NFL as often as has been the case in the last week. Most of the stupidity has taken place off the field, but let’s take a moment to acknowledge some of the stupidest moments from the field on the second weekend of […]

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14 crazy stats from Week 2

The NFL was a strange place in Week 2. The Cleveland Browns won a football game against an opponent that’s more than just respectable, and is downright good. The Seahawks pass defense looked oddly ordinary, the Bills haven’t lost yet, and Austin Davis went all Joe Montana on us in the fourth quarter of a […]

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This Week In Pain: Robert Griffin III breaks again

Every week bones break and muscles rip around the NFL. We’ll take a look at the most significant injuries, and what happens next. Robert Griffin III’s body doesn’t seem to like football Robert Griffin III getting injured always feels inevitable, and we expect it to happen the same way every snap goes down for a […]

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You can still be an NFL fan right now, just don’t be more than that

There are 1,696 NFL players on active rosters, a number that expands to 2,016 if we include those on practice squads who won’t be in uniform when Sunday’s games kick off. The overwhelming majority of those players are normal, law-abiding people who also happen to be supremely talented athletes. We watch and idolize them. We […]


There are “Goodell must go” banners above three NFL stadiums

Roger Goodell is essentially the CEO of the NFL. And when someone in that position approaches a serious issue like domestic abuse with blatant negligence, the result is confusion at first, and then anger. A whole lot of anger. And at three stadiums today it will be quite visible. Ultraviolet, a women’s advocacy organization, is […]


Five Matchups to Watch in Week 2

The NFL is a game of matchups. If your cornerback can’t cover my wide receiver, it’s going to be a long day for you. That is, unless you do something about it or my offensive tackle can’t block your edge rusher. Then I have to do something. Coaches will scheme and plan as much as […]


When does it stop being too early to call J.J. Watt a Hall of Famer?

I know, it always seems foolish to discuss the Hall of Fame credentials of a player who could be around for at least another 10 years, and who’s playing the final season of his rookie contract right now. Since time travel still hasn’t been perfected, we can’t go forward and know what injuries J.J. Watt […]