5 under-the-radar players who could rise as MVP contenders in 2014

Peyton Manning. Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady. Adrian Peterson. The usual suspects when it comes to the NFL MVP discussion. But what about some dark horses or sleepers? Let’s look at five under-the-radar players who have legitimate chances to emerge as MVP contenders this season.   Nick Foles The NFL’s top-rated passer in 2013 was Nick […]

Ranking the 2014 NFL Rosters

I have ranked all 32 NFL rosters with training camps a little more than a month away. I didn’t use any type of weighted formula, just pure feel. A few players with significant pull — like a quarterback or pass-rusher — can basically carry a team with noticeable flaws. These rankings are solely based on […]

NFL Prototypes Part 2: Offense

The offensive side of the NFL Prototype Series is here. Who’s the prototypical quarterback? What type of runner is the model back in today’s NFL? On the interior, who’s the best center? Like with the Defensive Prototypes article, I tried to be very specific with different positions on the field, and I included 2014 rookies who […]

NFL Prototypes Part 1: Defense

Who’s the NFL player every middle linebacker to strive to become? Which space-eater is the ideal 3-4 nose tackle? In this two-part series, I’ll outline the “prototypes” for every spot on the field, model competitors who have reached the pinnacle of their respective position. For a draft-related twist, I’ve added 2014 rookies who are candidates […]

Buffalo Bills trade up for Sammy Watkins: The full examination

The Buffalo Bills trade up for Sammy Watkins makes for a compelling debate comprised of many storylines. Was the star Clemson WR worth it? Did the Bills give up too much? Would Mike Evans have been a better option? How about Odell Beckham Jr.? Should GM Doug Whaley and Co. have remained at No. 9 […]

Final 2014 NFL mock draft

We’ve made our way around the final turn of NFL draft season, but instead of excitedly kicking it into fifth gear for the home stretch, it feels like many of us are sauntering toward the finish line at this point thanks to the pushed back date of this year’s draft. I checked some mocks published […]

Most pressing draft needs for every AFC team

All 32 NFL teams attempted to fill as many roster holes as possible during the free-agency period, but every club will head into the 2014 draft with positional needs. Here’s a look at the needs for each AFC team. (The positions are listed in order, by importance.) AFC East Buffalo Bills – WR, RT, TE […]

How Ralph Wilson Jr. Impacted My Life and the City of Buffalo

Ralph Wilson Jr., the 95-year-old founder and owner of the Buffalo Bills has passed, but when a friend texted me the news this afternoon, I was stunned. I didn’t expect to be surprised, but oddly, I was. The sheer shock and never-pleasant stomach drop which accompanied that shock brought to the forefront of my mind […]

2014 Mock Draft: Free-Agency Adjusted

With NFL free agency at a relative lull following an absolutely chaotic opening week, it’s time to give my loyal readers an updated mock draft. I won’t keep you waiting… (*Note: This is a “what I would do” mock draft as opposed to a “what I think will happen” mock draft.) 1. Houston Texans – […]

Analyzing Michael Johnson and Alterraun Verner To Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers opened their checkbook and went on a spending spree to begin 2014 free-agency period, and they landed, arguably, two of the best players on the market in defensive end Michael Johnson and cornerback Alterraun Verner.  Per Spotrac, the 27-year-old Johnson, a former Cincinnati Bengal, was inked to a five-year deal worth […]

Why NFL free agency is overrated

You know when you get your paycheck on Friday and suddenly have the urge to spend frivulously on an indulgence or guilty pleasure?  The intelligent money managers fight the impluse, and save. The not-so-intelligent money managers give in.  That very familiar desire and subsequent inner dilemma which typically arises the moment cash is fresh in […]

NFL Combine 2014: What To Watch Beyond The Obvious

Let's voyage beyond the super-hyped storylines of the 2014 NFL Combine, shall we?  Sammy Watkins is going to light the 40-yard dash on fire. As will Jadeveon Clowney, and probably some running backs and corners. The quarterbacks will be out of sync with receivers to which they've never thrown.   A small-school prospect will show […]

Grading The 2014 Head Coach Hires

Grading head coach hires moments after they happen, or, in this case, before NFL teams have even reported for OTAs much less played a game is stupid.  But—what the heck—we're in the middle of the only legitimate "dead" period on the NFL calendar.  I'll take a stab at grading the fits of the seven new […]

Would a super bowl win make Russell Wilson “elite”?

Over the past few years, the "elite" quarterback debate has been beaten to death, but, what the heck, let's bring it back from the dead and focus on Seattle Seahawks signal-caller Russell Wilson. Seriously, just read on—you won't gouge out your eyes. I promise. The "elite" quarterback debate is inherently flawed because…we all have different […]

In certain situations, quarterback wins and losses DO matter

Quarterbacks shouldn't be judged by wins and losses. A simple, logical statement, one that's becoming widely accepted as truth by more NFL fans every day. Football's a team game, and we are rarely, if ever, aware of the career win-loss records for running backs, safeties or linebackers. Therefore, it's pretty reasonable that quarterback "wins" shouldn't […]