Pick of the week: Lions (-5.5) at Cardinals

  The Arizona Cardinals are playing some of the worst football in recent history. After somehow lucking their way into winning their first four games of the season, they have now rattled off nine straight losses and look to be going nowhere fast as they placed Kevin Kolb on the IR this week and anointed […]

Pick of the week: Bengals (-3.5) vs. Cowboys

  To call the Bengals streaky would be an understatement. They finished the first quarter with a 3-1 record and looked like one of the best teams in the AFC, but then they got worked over and lost four in a row.  Now they are going in the other direction at the perfect time. Four […]

Pick of the week: Rams (+7.5) vs. 49ers

  Does anyone really think that Jim Harbaugh will ever go back to Alex Smith? Barring injury of course, it is clear the second year coach is going to ride the second year pro Colin Kaepernick as far as possible.  After walking in and taking the league by storm last season, with the most stout […]

Pick of the week: Ravens (-1) at Chargers

  Are the Ravens the league's most underrated team? It sure seems that way. After a rash of injuries knocked out a pair of starters on the defensive side of the ball, Baltimore was left for dead.  So while everyone turned away, Flacco and the still stout defensive unit have put together a quietly elite […]

Fools gold

We have been fed the idea that the league is spreading out. I have preached it myself. Double tight, three wide. 3-4 defences and slot receivers aplenty just to keep up with the run and gun attack that so many teams are featuring. Every team needs a gunslinger pivot to lead their high octane attack.  […]

Pick of the week: Colts (+9) at Patriots

  Game of the week.  If you looked at this game when the schedule was released months ago, it would have possibly caught your eye, but with the Colts coming off of a two win season, it was going to get lost in the morning shuffle.  But the trusty flex schedule came to the rescue […]

Pick of the week: Browns (+3.5) vs. Ravens

  No matter how many good young assets the Browns put together, if they are going to be a competitive in the coming years, they are going to have to be able to get past divisional opponents. That means playing the Bengals, Steelers and Ravens six times every year.  After starting the 0-5, including giving […]

Eagles must make a move

  The time is now for Andy Reid to save what he has left in terms of job security, and even if he makes a move now, there is a good possibility that he will be gone once the season has come to an end.  Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said in the lead up to […]

Parity or bad football?

  Parity or bad football? Take a look at the standings. Any given Sunday, or this given Sunday, whatever you want to call it. The concept that any Sunday, or Thursday or Monday could see any team winning in any week. We have been led to believe this for the better part of this generation, […]

Pick of the week: Rams (+6.5) vs. Patriots

  Off to London they go, and with them they bring two teams owned by ridiculously rich guys who want to make more money by showcasing their team to the Brits and trying to sell some more jerseys. In what has become an annual forgettable tradition similar to the Buffalo Bills making the trip to […]

Pick of the week: Redskins (+6.5) at Giants

All aboard the hype wagon! Well maybe it isn’t hype anymore, now that RGIII has gone out and proven to not only be the greatest thing to ever happen to Dan Snyder, but a generational talent that the league has quickly embraced.  So this week he takes his the Redskins to face the world champion […]

Mighty Mountaineer

Torpedo for Geno? Jalapeno for Geno? Steno for Geno? There may not be a Suck for Luck this season, but the returns could be just as fruitful for whoever ends the pro season with the worst record.  Had Matt Barkley committed for the draft this year, he would have given RGIII a run for his […]

Pick of the week: Colts (+3.5) at Jets

  Coming off of an emotional victory against the Packers on the back of Chuck Pagano, this could have the makings of a let down game. That is of course if the Jets had anything resembling an offensive attack and had the ability to put up points in any traditional manner. Betting against the Jets […]

Pick of the week: Vikings (-5.5) vs. Titans

  It it officially time for the league to take notice of the Vikings. After back-to-back wins over powerhouse teams in San Fran and Detroit, Minnesota is not only a surprise of the first quarter of the season – but they might actually have the weapons needed to contend and compete for the duration of […]

Pick of the week: Bengals (-2.5) at Jaguars

  Nothing is clear in the early weeks of the season. Super Bowl contenders are below .500, teams destined for last place are unbeaten and we have spent more time talking about the officiating than the actual on-field product. But we have learnt a few things, and therefore we are allowed to extrapolate and make sweeping […]