Does the NFL risk jumping the shark with too much draft hype?

Embed from Getty Images The NFL doesn’t recognize limits to hype and spectacle. This is a league that’s sold tickets to Super Bowl Media Day for several years (and people actually buy them!). It’s a league with a stadium under construction that will include a 100-yard bar, and something called a fantasy lounge. It’s also […]

Gore and Freeney: Veteran free agents who still have something to offer

Football demands youth spread throughout every roster, because older bodies have endured more punishment, and could break easily. This is not revolutionary thinking, but the salary cap dictates that finding veterans to plug into a specific role is a necessary front-office skill. It separates championship-caliber general managers from the rest. Aging yet still useful talent […]

What’s next for Adrian Peterson?

A short time ago considering a future with Adrian Peterson wearing anything but a Minnesota Vikings uniform seemed blasphemous. Now the end is near, and it’ll come amid heated words and hurt feelings. An already deteriorating relationship hit a new low during the scouting combine when Peterson’s agent, Ben Dogra, had to be separated from […]

3 impending free agents flying under the radar

There are dollar store-level bargains in free agency every year. Often the buyer has to look past a flaw of some kind, with those in the second or third waves of free agency passed over because of an injury, character concern or a simple fear of the unknown. But each year there are sweet deals […]

Top 3 opening night opponents for the Patriots

Since 2004 the defending Super Bowl champion has hosted a Thursday night kickoff extravaganza to begin the following season. Only 2013 was an exception when the Baltimore Ravens were muscled out by their baseball neighbors and forced to play in Denver. A new season brings giddy excitement into our lives. That’s a hard feeling to […]

5 plays that defined Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX was, in a word, stunning. The entire game was highly entertaining and worthy of the Super Bowl spectacle. But these five plays stood out as the defining moments. 1. Something pretty important happened at the end, right? The decision to do anything other than put the ball in Marshawn Lynch’s gut to […]

Why Wade Phillips is the best coordinator hire of this offseason

This Sunday the 2014-15 NFL season will officially come to an end, and Wade Phillips didn’t set foot on a single sideline. Let’s make a pact to ensure that never happens again as long as he’s willing and healthy. The Denver Broncos just did their part by hiring Phillips, and he’ll now be the defensive coordinator […]

Will the first-round running back return in 2015?

The state of the first-round running back is a commentary on more than just a position. It speaks to organizational philosophies and values. It shows the team-building priorities in a league increasingly driven by passing. And it reflects a hesitancy to invest heavily in a player whose football life is, at best, fleeting. Let’s call […]

3 under the radar Super Bowl MVP candidates

The eventual Super Bowl MVP is often easy to predict long before the game even begins. That’s because superstar players tend to do heroic things on the NFL’s grandest stage. Of the players who have received the prestigious MVP hardware, over half have been quarterbacks (26), and only nine have been defensive players. It wasn’t […]

Bill Belichick is a win away from being legendary

Bill Belichick has already earned a place among the best head coaches in NFL history. A win Sunday and merely appearing in a sixth Super Bowl would elevate him to an even higher rung, one currently occupied by only one other coach. Only Don Shula has coached a team to six Super Bowl appearances. Belichick […]

Peyton Manning should play one more season

Peyton Manning hasn’t had an overpowering arm for several years. He hasn’t had a weak arm either, or anything that resembles a flimsy piece of pasta. What he’s had since his four neck surgeries prior to joining the Denver Broncos is an arm that meets the definition of satisfactory. He can complete deep throws, and […]

The NFL still struggles to define a catch

Defining a catch is easy on the most simple, fundamental level. As a kid after many failed attempts that may have ended in a face plant or a ball to the nose, you placed two hands around a football that was spiraling in your direction (or if you had my father, it was wobbling and […]

Three players who should retire this offseason

Acknowledging the end is difficult for any football player. A successful career often means at least a decade of preparing both mentally and physically each week—and going through the grind of each offseason—for one day: Sunday. There’s a routine that becomes muscle memory, and it’s easy to understand why there could be a feeling of […]

There’s no conspiracy to help the Dallas Cowboys

Football games aren’t determined by a single whistle, or a single ruling by an official. That doesn’t happen, and it wasn’t about to start Sunday with some wild grassy knoll style conspiracy to help the Dallas Cowboys advance past the Detroit Lions. The events of Sunday at the 8:25 mark in the fourth quarter of […]