Packers Back On Track; Bears Eliminated From Playoff Contention

As if there was any doubt, we can now announce that the Green Bay Packers are back on track, propelled by another incredible effort from Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers, who looked like a touchdown throwing robot, threw for 283 yards on 21 completions and those included 5, yes 5 touchdowns. The game itself actually stayed very […]

Which Annoying Relative Is Your NFL Team?

One of the unspoken traditions of Christmas, or Hannukah, or Festivus, or your holiday of choice, is that you wind up spending a lot of time around family members that you rarely ever see, and even more rarely want to see. Drawn out by the lure of presents, or food, or just because they’ve stored […]

NFL Reactor: Big D, New York Gear Up For NFC East Title Game

Philadelphia Eagles 20, Dallas Cowboys 7 I got my Christmas wish one night early. The Dallas Cowboys will be traveling to New York to play the Giants for the NFC East championship. The loser of that game will go home while the winner will prepare to host a playoff game. While it’s currently scheduled for […]

NFL Reactor: Jets Drop Out, Bengals Back In

New York Giants 29, New York Jets 14 This was by far and beyond my pick for “game of the week.” What could be better? The two teams from the Big Apple duking it out with both of their potential playoff lives on the line. That’s the definition of meaningful football. Unfortunately for the Jets, […]

NFL Week 16 Preview: Chiefs Can Throw Dirt On The Raiders’ Coffin

OAKLAND RAIDERS (7-7) at KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (6-8) Saturday, 1:00 PM ET, CBS, Direct TV (708), Sirius (OAK 94, KC 137) Why Watch The best you can hope for in any late-December matchup is to see a game that matters, where both teams bring their all. And although neither team plays what could be called […]

Week 16 Tebow Preview: The Denver Tebows Vs The Buffalo Non-Tebows

Normally, here at This Given Sunday we write all original content. But this piece came in from ESPN’s PR wire, and we were instructed to run it as is, with no alteration or abridgement. So here you go. DENVER TEBOWS (8-6) at SOMEBODY OR OTHER (5-9) Saturday, 1:00 PM ET, CBS, Direct TV (704), Sirius […]

Pick of the Week: Miami Dolphins (+9.5) vs. New England Patriots

This game has serious implications for both teams involved. The New England Patriots are trying to clinch home field advantage in the AFC, while the Miami Dolphins try to figure out what to do now that Matt Barkley is going back to school. After starting the season 0-7, and then somehow saving head coach Tony […]

Top Defensive Rookies Of 2011: Aldon Smith, Von Miller And JJ Watt

For as much as the 2011 NFL Draft will be remembered as the year of the quarterback, the defensive rookies are the ones making the most noise this season. Outside of Cam Newton of course. Cam Newton, Jake Locker and Blaine Gabbert got all the press on draft day. Once the season started, Newton’s playmaking […]

Draft Class Shocker: Matt Barkley To Return To USC

This morning fans around the league woke up with their team being, 4-10 or 5-9 or 6-8 but at least having hope that a franchise QB might be on the way in 2012. Whether it was Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley or RG3, fans including myself found our excitement growing that one of the strongest […]

NFL Reactor: Last-Minute Score Gives Colts Upset Over Texans

It looked like the Houston Texans would eke their way to a win on the strength of a Dan Orlovsky fumble, but Orlovsky went from hero to goat in the final 20 seconds, hitting Reggie Wayne to cap off a two-minute drill and give the Colts their first and only touchdown of the game in […]

If The Season Ended Today: Three Spots Up For Grabs

Here’s how the playoffs stacks up right now:   The way I see the playoffs shaping up, there’s only three playoff spots that can still be considered up for grabs. The Steelers have locked up a spot for themselves in the AFC, and it would seem as if the Falcons and the Lions have done […]

A Giant Showdown Looming In New York

The Giants and Jets are both reeling after losses this weekend, and now go head to head this coming week. Only one can salvage their season. Adding to the intrigue is the battle for control of New York. Interestingly enough as close as the two teams (they share the same stadium), they have not played […]

Chicago Benches Caleb Hanie For Josh McCown

According to, the Chicago Bears will be heading in a different direction this weekend to try to save their once promising season. The Bears will be starting Josh McCown in place of embattled backup Caleb Hanie. The decision was made on Wednesday, and it comes at the most dire of times. The Bears will […]

Time To Move On; Jake Locker Should Start In Tennessee

Everyone knew this day would come sooner or later. Finally, it could be upon us. Now that the Tennessee Titans are likely out of playoff contention and Matt Hasselbeck is banged up, it is time for the Jake Locker era to begin in Tennessee. Sunday was a day that Titans fans would rather just forget. […]