Stream Pies: Week 10

Holding the Barth bag… Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall

At “Stream Pies,” we are serving up gooey loads of knowledge. Here, we’ll provide invaluable streaming advice on kickers and DEFs who are owned in less than 30-percent of Yahoo! leagues. We list the options in order of best to “least-best” option (with the strongest recommendations starting at the top). We also include last week’s suggestions and full season results. Points are based on default Yahoo! settings. These recommendations also work for those of you who play in daily/weekly leagues on sites like FanDuel and DraftKings as they are cheap options that allow you to spend more money on the premium positions instead.

Express version of “Stream Pies.” Brother’s mad busy:

Team Defense (DEF) Recommendations
Week 10 Recommendations
1 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. DAL
The Cowboys offense will be without Tony Romo for perhaps the final time this season, and with a slim pickings-type situation a-brewing among the cheap Week Nine options, the Bucs grease their way in to a recommendation this week.

Week Nine Results (Points calculated with Yahoo! default settings)
Dallas Cowboys: 27 points allowed, one sack = one point

Season Totals
Average for top ranked DEF in Y! scoring: 14.88 points-per-game (Denver Broncos)

Average for “Stream Pies:” 5.75 points-per-recommendation (46 points/8 teams)

Kicker Recommendations
Week 10 Recommendations

1 – Connor Barth vs. DAL
2 – Chris Boswell vs. CLE

Week Nine Results (Points calculated with Yahoo! default settings)
Caleb Sturgis: 11 points
Blair Walsh
: eight points

Mike Nugent: seven points

Season Totals
Average for top ranked K in Y! scoring: 12.5 points-per-game (Stephen Gostkowski)

Average for “Stream Pies:” 10 points-per-recommendation (150 points/15 kickers)