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When it comes to driving under the influence, no matter whether you are charged with a DUI (driving under the influence), or a DWI (driving while intoxicated), these can be serious charges. In most states, this charge will be put on your permanent report, and can even cause restrictions or removal of your privileges to drive in your state for either a short period of time, and in some cases, the rest of your life. Many people have to use an IID (a device which is attached to your ignition so you have to do a breathalyzer before you can turn the key on) after your driver’s license has been suspended for a while. In some cases where you may have a problem, you may need to consider having a DWI lawyer.

You don’t need a DUI/DWI lawyer every time
If it’s the first time you’ve ever had a DUI or DWI, you probably don’t need a lawyer. As long as there wasn’t an accident or anyone hurt. Usually, you just have to give a guilty plea and then you get fined, slapped on the wrist, attend a course about driving while intoxicated, and at the worst case scenario, have your license suspended for a very short period of time. If you have a high blood alcohol content, you’re probably going to get a DUI or possibly a DWI. If you do wish however, you can contact a lawyer for a consultation, which is usually offered free.

If You’re Wanting to Bargain
In some cases, you may be allowed to bargain for a lighter charge. If you get the opportunity, you want a lawyer to utilize their skills to offer the plea bargain and most courts won’t fight against it, since they don’t want to lose to a lawyer and end up being countersued in the process. While yes, you can perform these bargains at times yourself, it’s usually best to have a DWI lawyer handy or on the case with you to aid you in getting this done properly.

Sentence Reduction
A DWI lawyer can help you reduce the sentence given to you if you plead guilty to the courts. So if you had a risk of a long jail stay (or sometimes just a jail sentence in general), a DWI lawyer can get your time reduced, or in some cases, talk the sentence down from jail time to probation and short suspension of your license. If your sentence is due to a DWI or DUI involving drugs, a DWI lawyer may be able to help you get out of jail time or reduce your sentence by just having the court place you on probation, get treatment, or do regular testing (or in some cases all of the above).

If You Need ANY Help, Get a DWI Lawyer
Most people don’t know if they need to hire a lawyer or not, because it can cost money, and because sometimes you can talk your way out of something yourself. However, with a DWI charge, it’s usually best to at least get consultation, as this is something that will go on your permanent record, and your attorney will have more knowledge of the court system, the laws, and how you can defend yourself the best way possible.


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