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Blogging used to be as simple as signing up for a free account and typing.  Today, it can feel like a full-time job.  The competition for attention is fierce and only the most prepared bloggers will be successful.  Before they make their first keystroke bloggers need to figure out a host of complex and expensive necessities like hosting, site design, image licensing, SEO, advertising, and social promotion.  If you’re just starting out, the to-do list can feel overwhelming, and even if you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s all too common to feel like you’re spinning your wheels.  

At Bloguin Media, we’ve spent a decade helping writers navigate the ins and outs of the blogosphere.  Our time-tested platform and services provide aspiring bloggers everything they need to be successful and allow them to focus on what really matters – creating great content!

Because we’re dedicated to our bloggers’ success, we provide them with a full-featured suite, free of charge.  By leveraging the power of our network, we are able to bundle our high-end service package and make it available to writers looking to maximize their potential. 

Here are the core value offerings that Bloguin Media makes to our publishers:
Through our enterprise-level hosting configuration, our blogs achieve unparalleled uptime, scalability, and performance. We partner with the biggest brands in the hosting game, like WordPress VIP to keep our blogs on the cutting edge of server technology.
Nothing is more important to a blogger than growing their audience.  At Bloguin Media Group, we know SEO. Through our network size and strategic interlinking, we’re able to ensure that our writers’ work gets indexed and ranked as high as possible.
Blogs aren’t just words on a screen.  Our design team strives to turn our websites into digital works of art.  Whether it’s la ogo, template, or banner, our eye-catching designs make sure our blogs stand out and get noticed.
We work with national brands to provide site monetization through high-quality spam-free advertisements.  Our generous revenue share model offers our bloggers the chance to earn income from their writing in addition to the services that we provide for free.
No more scouring Google Images or the Creative Commons bargain basement.  We provide our bloggers with full photo-licensing services, allowing them to complement their work with beautiful high-resolution photographs from top photographers across the world.
As part of the Bloguin team, you’re never alone. We make it our aim to get your content out in front of our 100k+ social followers and millions of visitors.  In an era where everyone is fighting for attention, you can rest easy knowing that your voice will be heard as our platform amplifies it.
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