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Best Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

A progressive jackpot slot game can often be the best place to go if you desire an almighty win, however it also requires a great deal of patience and also a disciplined nerve – things can get stressful by the end. This is because a progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases after each turn (as long as you don’t win of course), and can end up being astronomically big. If you’re interested in playing some of these jackpot games such as Mega Moolah, then you just have to click this link.

This type of slot is definitely worth a go if you’re after that big jackpot, but it is also crucial to pick the right game in the first place. The problem with progressive jackpot slots is that they can be very hard to stop pouring money into, as that jackpot goes up so too does your desire to win it. Let’s take a look at some of the best progressive jackpot slot games on the market today.


Megabucks simply has to be at the top of the list here, as the first progressive jackpot slot machine to become widely available it holds a special place in gambling history. And, whilst now quite old, it is still remarkably easy to find. A drawback for anyone who doesn’t reside in Nevada, however is that Megabucks cannot be found anywhere else.

Yet with the jackpot base amount set at $10 million it is entirely worth making the voyage to the US state in order to play one. The biggest win to date was $39 million, a staggering amount of money – it all points to the massive advantage that progressive jackpot slots can have. Megabucks has paid out over $1,239,830,000 in winnings throughout its history, you just cannot argue with that.

Wheel Of Fortune

Another title from the same developers that created Megabucks – IGT – Wheel Of Fortune is equally well respected in the progressive jackpot market. Based on the game show of the same name, the slot machine is based on (you guessed it) a big wheel of fortune that spins every time you press the button.

Whilst the maximum jackpot of $1,240,398.97 pales in comparison with Megabucks it is still a ludicrous amount of money to be won in one go. Wheel Of Fortune also pays out a lot more frequently than its IGT big brother. Over the past few years there have been over 17 jackpot wins of over a million dollars, still very much worth your while this one.

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is one of Bally Gaming’s most popular slot machines and after a few spins it is easy to see why. Whilst the base jackpot is a relatively meagre $10,000 (when compared to some others) this slots game play and potential for extra bonus features and rounds is what really sets it apart.

These features – for instance Wayne’s World that can provide a maximum of 15 times your initial bet – can be instrumental in helping you obtain that prized jackpot. Saturday Night Live machines can also be linked to an area network, meaning the jackpot increases exponentially quicker.