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11 Event Marketing Ideas to Help Your Business Stand Out

These event marketing ideas will make sure everyone remembers your business long after they’ve seen you. Click here now to find out more!

An astounding 90% of consumers make purchasing decisions unconsciously as a response to stimuli and emotions. As such, a business should have stirring event marketing ideas to appeal to potential customers. The events should create experiences that remain in the mind of the consumers even after the show.

Marketing your event creatively will increase the number of serious attendees. The marketing event should give you an opportunity to interact with customers even after the event. If you want to create a buzz with your business, there are ideas that can add vigor to your event.

These 11 event marketing ideas will help your business stand out and create memorable experiences.

  1. Joint Marketing Events

Teaming up with three non-competing businesses for a marketing event can be cost-effective. Besides, the marketing brunch increases the chances of having more potential customers. The idea gives you an opportunity to market your product to new customers.

You can strategize with other businesses on how to go about the demos. Ensure that you create awareness without focusing on making sales on a particular day. Have brunch and mingle with the attendees as you share your business card.

While at it, ensure that you team up with companies that complement your business. For a business consultancy firm, teaming up with an insurance firm can be a workable idea. You should plan and outline the goals of your event marketing.

  1. Use Social Media to Create and Advertise the Event

With billions of active users on Facebook, the site is a great place to create and advertise an event. You can create an event that will reach users around your target location. Creating an event on Facebook allows people to interact and get the necessary information.

Followers will learn about the event and invite other friends. Sponsoring the event will ensure that you reach a wider target market. You can post in relevant groups and encourage your friends to share.

Facebook ads are customizable to reach a target audience that will keep the conversation moving. The images you use to advertise your event should be visually stimulating, yet professional. The impression you project will help your brand connect with more customers.

If you are using Twitter, the testimonials about other events you have held should be visual. Tweet and request your loyal customers to tweet their positive experiences. A bright background and bolded font is an outstanding way to encourage retweeting.

The images on event-preparation that you share on your Instagram should be attention-grabbing. The photos excite the followers, who in turn, look forward to attending the event. Share intriguing information such as the presence of live performances to give your followers a taste of what they will experience.

  1. Get an Interesting Venue

Getting an interesting venue for your event is a great event marketing idea because it determines the number of attendees. People want to go to interesting places regardless of the type of occasion. An event on a cruise ship or private island will leave you looking for more space!

Based on your product, research on the best possible venues that relate to what you are marketing. If you are unable to find a venue that suits your specifications, create one. Bring the location to your target audience.

You can use boards, unique furniture, and lightings to create a space that brings out a setting you desire. Having an exciting venue is one of the creative marketing ideas that will help your business to stand out. You can work with available materials to achieve a distinctive final look.

  1. Engage Local Influencers

Before having a marketing event, identify the community influencers and message them. In your email, acknowledge the influence they have on your industry and the community. Invite them to your event and request them to share the experience with their followers.

Most of these influencers have a wider following and your business will stand to benefit. The move will enlarge your audience and increase attendance in future events. Make sure you choose the right influencers that somehow relate to your product.

Collaborate with partners who rank highly within the industry. You can request them to speak during the event because of their vast knowledge. Such partners can sponsor the event because they also benefit from the marketing strategy.

  1. Step and Repeat Banner Stands

During your event, having a step and repeat banner will create lasting memories for your business. The banners are an inexpensive and unique way to advertise your business. You can place the banners anywhere in your venue to create brand awareness.

To ensure that your step and repeat banners create value marketing, have professional photos. You can later post the photos on social media and tag your guests. With amazing photos, having several shares and engagements on the comments is possible.

If you have an upcoming marketing event, Learn More About Step and Repeat Banner Stands to make your event more memorable.

  1. Use Event Technologies

Event planners are utilizing innovative event planning tools to increase the success of their events. With event technology, attendance, and productivity increases. The available technologies can help from the budgeting phase all the way to covering the event.

To engage your attendees throughout the event, virtual and augmented reality are viable options. The projection mapping turns your exhibits into 3D displays. With this technology, planners can transform a space and give it an interesting visual appeal.

  1. Use CRM

The use of CRM will ensure that you maintain a relationship with the event’s attendees. Store relevant information about the attendees and reach out in case you need to create awareness on a new or existing product. The follow-up can generate new sales for your business.

Events provide you with an opportunity to engage with your customers on a personal level. Through the events, you can introduce a new product to potential clients. The opportunity further allows you to understand some of the concerns the client have regarding your product or the industry.

Making a follow-up after an event is a good way to get feedback on how to market your business in the future. A questionnaire can provide the information you need to make improvements in your next event. Having a relationship will your target customers ensures that your prospect marketing events are fruitful.

  1. Have a Campaign for Ticket Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Giving out a set of tickets will draw significant interest in your event. The campaign will enhance the word of mouth, creating more leads.

Some of the entry rules can involve sharing information about the event. The sharing will be a fun way to reach a wider audience and you seek for a lucky winner. You should ensure that you abide by the rules of campaigns in the different social networking sites.

  1. Have a Press Release

Having an event covered on blogs and other editorials is an exceptional sales promotional idea. The presence of local reporters means that your event might get to major media outlets. The coverage increases your audience and can increase traffic to your business.

If you have a website, ensure that you post pictures and details of the event. The media can use such information, which will be free marketing for your business. Invite some of the popular bloggers or reporters to increase chances of coverage.

  1. Incorporate Interactive Entertainment

Interactive entertainment will attract more attendees and create lasting memories. The entertainment should be acceptable across different demographics. You can have a live band, standup comedy, or even a dance crew.

If your budget allows you to have celebrity endorsement, by all means, invite a recognized entertainer. A celebrity makes an event to have a high level of perceived value. Customers will relate the unique entertainment with your business in days to come.

  1. Have an After-Party

In most marketing events, the sessions are formal with speeches and learning sessions. An after-party allows your attendees to network with minimal formality. The party makes the event end on a high note besides promoting a free marketing session.

The after-party also makes your team feel celebrated after a successful marketing event. The planning should not be overwhelming in terms of resources. You can go to a restaurant or have a simple barbecue on the beach.

Good Event Marketing Ideas Create a Memorable Experience for Your Customers and Lead to Increased Brand Awareness

If you are looking for creative event marketing ideas, a well-thought event is your ultimate solution. The experience provides an opportunity to appeal to your target customers. You don’t have to involve an event planner because the listed ideas are sufficient to increase the number of attendees.

Investing in event marketing will give a lead to ROI. However, ensure that you budget properly to avoid disappointments. You might need to make constant follow-ups before you can equate the attendees to loyal customers.

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