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10 Unique Promotional Items Every Business Should Have

Are you trying to think of more exciting ways to market your business? 2019’s got some unique promotional items up its sleeve. Here are 10 to consider using!

You know that promotional products are one of the most effective ways to increase your company’s brand recognition, get new clients, and show your most loyal customers how much you appreciate them. 

However, you want to ensure that you’re only handing out the most unique promotional items. 

Ready to think beyond the pen? 

If so, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this post, we’re sharing the top ten coolest promotional items that will have everyone at a convention flocking to your booth — or keep your customers coming back for more

  1. Mini Desk Plants 

First up on our list of the most unique promotional items? 

Miniature indoor desk plants.

As it seems like our days at the office are only getting longer, we’d all appreciate the chance to bring a little more of the great outdoors into our cubicles. 

Of course, there are also numerous health benefits associated with indoor plants. Not only do they improve the indoor air quality of an office (goodbye, coworker’s awful perfume.) They also help to boost your focus and sense of calm. 

Put your company’s name and logo on the pot, whether you use a ceramic one or a planter box made from recyclable materials. 

These unusual promotional items are perfect for garden centers, herbalists, and of course, any eco-friendly business.

  1. Breath Mints 

Bad breath is one of the biggest turn-offs not just when it comes to romantic relationships, but also to business ones. 

It’s hard to focus on what someone is telling you at a meeting or conference when all you can think about is their bad breath. Provide your clients and customers with a solution to this problem before it happens by giving out branded breath mints. 

Remember that the secret to successful promotional marketing items is giving your consumers things they’ll actually use. 

Everyone could always use a mint. 

Plus, whenever someone passes out some of your company’s, everyone they share them with will see your name and logo. 

  1. Stress Balls

If you frequently find yourself seriously stressed out at work, you’re not alone. 

In fact, stress in the workplace is at an all-time high. It doesn’t matter whether you have to give a huge presentation to important board members, work with a co-worker you don’t really like, or if you’re just worried about making your commission numbers for the months. 

There is certainly never a shortage of things to be anxious about in the workplace. 

So, when you’re on the hunt for unusual promotional items, why not give your customers something to help manage all that stress?

We love the idea of handing out branded stress balls. 

Instead of causing a scene in the office or turning in their two-weeks notice out of sheer frustration? Your customers can just squeeze the stress ball instead. 

Plus, if they leave it on their desks, all their co-workers will have a chance to see your branding. 

  1. Custom Buttons 

Whether you’re running a political campaign, coming up with awesome ways to celebrate your friends, or even deciding how to identify employees at a conference, custom buttons are the way to go. 

We love the idea of asking your team members to wear an “Ask Me Anything” button at a trade show to encourage people to visit your booth. 

But one of the best pieces of info when it comes to custom buttons? 

They’re also excellent promotional marketing items. 

You can give each of your customers one of the buttons to stick on a tote bag, their outfit, or even pin on the back of a chair.

They’ll love being able to represent the company they love publically. Let them know that, if they upload a picture of themselves wearing the button to social media, you’ll give them a discount off of their next purchase. 

  1. Beach Chairs 

Looking for unique promotional products to give to your most valuable clients? 

Look into big-ticket items for your VIPs that you know they’ll use. One of our favorites? Branded beach chairs. 

Your customers can take them out in the sand, sit out in their front yards, or even take them along to a tailgate. They’ll get lots of use — which means lots of exposure for your company. 

We also suggest giving your employees the beach chairs as an end-of-year gift or before a company retreat.

They make for the perfect photo opportunity and will have everyone on the shore buzzing about your company. Don’t be surprised if people come up to you on the beach and ask all about what you’re selling. 

  1. Electronic Cleaning Cloths

Your customers are just as tired of seeing makeup remnants, fingerprints, and junk on all of their electronic screens. 

One of the most useful and creative promotional products is a branded electronic cleaning cloth. 

Once again, this is one of those items that everyone certainly needs, but that few people actually remember to buy for themselves. 

Help your customers enjoy looking at photos or watching videos streak-free with cleaning cloths. They’ll remember your ingenuity when they need to work with your brand again in the future. 

  1. Barbecue Sauce

Do you know that your customers enjoy the spicier side of life? 

Maybe you’re famous for your delicious hamburgers, french fries, or other, more gourmet, treats. Perhaps you’re just looking for a promotional item that’s both unique and appealing to everyone. 

Enter the idea of branded barbecue sauce. 

Your customers will love drizzling your sauce on their eggs in the morning and their meats in the evening. For those who need their sauce on-the-go, you could even throw in a few mini bottles. 

That way, they can easily toss the sauces into their bags before they head out to a cookout or restaurant that’s not exactly mastered the idea of seasoning just yet.

For your best customers, you could also throw in a few personalized barbecue tools. 

Be warned, though: once people realize you’re giving away barbecue sauce, they’ll certainly be back for more!

  1. Sewing Kit

It happens to the best of us: you have an important meeting or even a big date coming up. You’ve put together the perfect outfit, you’ve practiced what to say, and you’re finally feeling confident and ready. 

That is, until you look down and notice you have a hole in your clothing. 

Come to your customers’ rescue by giving them a branded sewing kit.

This is the perfect promotional product for crafting businesses, clothing companies, or even education spaces that offer classes in sewing. 

Make sure that you offer threads in lots of different colors. Your customers will love that you’ve obviously thought of everything. 

  1. A Jar Opener 

Tired of struggling to open those tight jars — and feeling like a weakling every time you can’t do it? 

Your customers are definitely dealing with the same issues you are. 

Make everyone’s lives easier (and preserve their dignity) by gifting them with branded jar openers. This is the kind of unique promotional item that will stay in your clients’ kitchen drawers for years to come. 

They’ll see your brand’s name and logo often. So, when they need the products or services you offer again in the future, they’ll know exactly where they can go to get them.

  1. Lip Balms 

One of the coolest promotional items that’s also perfect for any industry or business? 

Branded lip balms. 

Especially in the colder months, chapped lips can feel almost impossible to keep at bay. Provide your customers some much-needed relief with your company’s custom lip balm. 

This promotional item works perfectly on its own, or as a part of a larger branded gift set you send to your most important customers. These are also small and affordable enough to make great promotional items to pass out at trade shows. 

Which of These Unique Promotional Items Will You Hand Out?

We hope that this list of some of the most unique promotional items has inspired you to think outside of the box when it comes to your marketing. 

Remember to look for cost-effective items that are genuinely useful. Include a hashtag on your items, so that customers are encouraged to share pictures of them on social media. 

Of course, promotional items aren’t the only part of your marketing strategy. You also need to create an engaging company blog. 

This way, when people learn about your company through these gifts, they’ll have something to read when they visit your website.

Need help putting together the perfect blog? 

We can help with that. 

Join us to learn how we make blogging easy again.