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Today, we are going to discuss essential tips and tricks you should have to play and win Joker123 online. Many people may not understand this game, but it has been in online casinos for a long time. The following are three essential and easy ways you can play and win this game online. 

Be Keen With the Trend

You need to try playing out some rounds with a single coin. While playing, be observant of the possibilities in which certain combinations yield a win. For instance, you may find out that winning combinations that frequently appear include those combinations with the least winnings (such as 3, 4, 5, and 8). Additionally, always be on the lookout as casino and software developers can change such a trend quickly within an hour or day. 

But whichever the change, Monkey thunderbolt always keeps its first place in the joker123 game. This online casino game is quite simple, designed with impressive graphics as well as clear sounds. This should, however, not be your excuse for recklessness. Remember, the winning combinations in joker123 Slots are not set to be entirely random.

Always Play Safe

The secret of playing safe is putting your coin in more low-profit combinations. For instance, your trend may be in favor of ones with 3, 4, 5, and 8, who are regular leavers. Use this as the least denominator you’ll point to. Thus, if the least denominator you’ll be seeking is 3, add your coin in three least earning combinations. The worst-case scenario is when your winning combination was at four, at least it will not be a loss. However, you may end up earning eight to four coins or much more. But if you are a serious risk-taker, you can use more coins in each combination available. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Take Risks

When you are ready to go for more than a single bet, insert all your extra coins in a unique combination. Doing this is good as it provides leverage on stocks. If you win, your gains multiply abundantly, but in case of a loss, you will have lost your savings. Always desist from putting all your coins in a substantial winning combination. 

As you may have already realized while playing joker123, more significant gains lie in the 125 point or 1000 points combinations. You won’t feel much pain investing a coin in some of the huge prizes. If the price falls, well, it’s just a little coin. However, if you are lucky enough, you can be contented enough to call it a day.


Playing Joker123 online is fun, but making real money can be challenging. To have a consistent winning streak in Joker123, these are few essentials to consider. These tips and strategies are tried and tested to ensure players emerge victorious all the time. Furthermore, the advantages given here always double up hence allowing players to employ the same strategy while playing. Additionally, chances gained from these various steps have been proven to be approximately 85% winning possibility.