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You choose friends and this you do for a reason. However, best friends are not chosen, they come naturally, this is someone whom you share so many things, someone whose lifestyle rhymes with you, you have similar likes and dislikes and sometimes they’re the other side of you. This is someone special, who allows you to be silly, make mistakes, help you out of stuff and will celebrate you when your success.

Therefore, their birthday is not like any other, it’s a party you’d want to leave a lasting mark- after all, you are their best. This article gives you some tantalizing tips that will make it a charming one.

Make it a full day party

You have to let them know that they mean so very much in your life and one of the perfect things you can do is to get a program for the day that will ensure that they’re occupied the entire day. You are the best friend, right and therefore you know their likes and preferences. List them down from the least to the most favorite. Get an activity for every hour and these can last for twelve or 24 hours as per your wish. Don’t you think that will make them feel special?

Take them down the memory lane

One of the best ways of making your great friend enjoy to the fullest is to bring back old memories. It will make them feel nostalgic and you can be sure it is one of the best ideas you could have for your friend’s birthday. Get balloons of all colors and inflate them, make them as many as possible so that the entire place is full of such. Then get their childhood photos and mount them on every part of the room. Get some great music that takes them back to their childhood days, you can be sure such will enthrall them. Childhood memories allow one to appreciate the far they have traveled down history and the silly things that they’ve overcome. Take them down the memory lane; make them feel like the two-year-old that they were, it’s an experience they’ll never forget.

The climax birthday gift

You have all sorts of gifts lined up for your best friend.  To make the whole thing exciting, you need to do a build-up, from the least of these to the climax. You have taken them down the memory lane and they’re already excited. Then there is the climax which is the best that you can do for them- think of some experience they’ve not had before. It can be that trip to Vegas that they have always talked about or some other treat that has occupied their entire life. This should be the last thing that you do to them after you have exhausted every other. Make it a surprise but just prepare them psychologically especially if traveling is involved- this is to help them prepare adequately. This is one of the best Minneapolis birthday party ideas while in Minneapolis or any other part of the world.

It’s your best friend’s birthday and therefore you have to outdo yourself in giving them that memorable experience.  Let them enjoy to the fullest and know that you are their best. Enter their world, beat them in their own game, blow their mind, where possible, make them faint for a moment in their imagination- give your best.