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We think a lot about our homes. We carefully consider different options when we look for a property to buy or rent, and we pay big bucks for renovations, improvements, and additions. We even care about how the things in our home are arranged. We’re always moving furniture and hanging pictures and buying new things to sit on, organize our possessions in, or look at. But there are some things in our home that, perhaps, don’t get enough credit. These are the appliances and plumbing fixtures that work hard to make our lives easier.

Sure, we pay some attention to these things. We want them to look decent, in some cases – we pick out the right sink or the right tub, or we demand a stainless steel front for the dishwasher. But too often, we don’t think about the function of these things. We should. Cutting-edge appliances and fixtures can change our lives. Here’s how.

Function matters

You want your kitchen to look great. You’re prefer that your washer and dryer not be ugly. But these aren’t the only reasons to invest in high-end kitchen appliances or the latest and greatest dryer. You’ll want to think about function, too!

High-end appliances can change your life by making your favorite hobbies more fun and your most hated chores easier. A nice oven has more functions and a smarter design (simple button layouts make things intuitive), meaning you can tackle just about any cooking project that your passion leads you to. A good washer or dryer offers lots of settings to help you avoid shrinking your favorite shirt – but they also organize those settings in a way that saves you time and helps you get those annoying chores done faster.

The cutting edge

Modern high-end appliances also make use of technology. Some of this technology makes your life easier, and some of it is, frankly, just for fun. But all of it will improve your experience with your appliances and fixtures.

You may not think you need a computer in your oven. But being about to turn it off remotely can be a big help – and can help you protect your home! Look at the Dacor Modernist Collection as an example of a company providing everything from wifi connectivity to app pairings to control temperatures, timers, and more! And a computer in your refrigerator can help you monitor temperatures and figure out what the right setting is – no more freezer burn – and it will also allow you to replace ugly post-its and magnets with a sleek digital to-do list that you can display on a screen whenever you need it. Nice!

Accommodating old age and disability

If you’re older or disabled, you know how difficult simple tasks can become. Parts of your home can even become dangerous – like the bathroom, which features slippery surfaces that can cause dangerous falls.

Suddenly, the showers and tubs and sinks that we picked out for aesthetic reasons just don’t cut it. It’s time to focus on functionality and invest in great fixtures that cater to our needs. And they’re out there: walk-in tubs and other specially made fixtures can make our lives safer and easier.