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Furniture is one of the basic requirements of every residential or commercial building because you need customised space for sitting, relaxing, storage or decoration. As a traditional material, timber is highly in demand because of its customisability and elegant grace after finishing touch. Nevertheless, its scarcity is the most important reason why people are turning towards some identical alternatives. Currently, engineered wood, PVC plastic and rattan are some common alternatives that you can replace with timber of trees. If you want the best quality among all these options, rattan furniture is the best advice. Before going further, you must have proper knowledge regarding rattan wood.

How is rattan material obtained?

Rattan is one of the oldest species of climbing palms with more than 600 species. Since a long time, rattan is used in manufacturing furniture and handicrafts in beautiful shapes. It has a unique property of modification in different designs. After coming out from the traditional boundaries of rural areas, now it is gaining a massive recognition in the worldwide furniture market.  Below are some convincing points to read for understanding why rattan furniture is a great option.

Convincing reasons to choose rattan furniture

1) Weatherproof

Rattan wood furniture almost weatherproof; thus you can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Also, it is ultraviolet rays resistant; thus there is no need to worry about the intense heat impact. Either place inside the living room or let it go wet in the rain, the material will not weaken or change its shape.

2) Affordable and luxurious look

Rattan wood can be modified in several desired shapes; consequently, you will get attractive furniture. Also, it is affordable enough to be brought in a tight budget. All you need is to find a genuine seller where good quality furniture is available in attractive designs. They can modify the material in amazing shapes that you cannot even imagine. Whether it is an indoor table or outdoor chair, well-designed rattan furniture gives a luxurious look. The raw material for this furniture is much cheaper as compared to the tree timber. Thus, it is a pocket-friendly option with great appearance.

3) Durability

Along with weather-proof property, it is also durable furniture that has enough strength to survive the toughest impacts. Rattan is lightweight, but do not consider it as a weakness. It is as durable as a typical wooden furniture product. A well-maintained rattan furniture product can last longer than 2 or 3 decades very easily.

4) Eco-friendly

As compared to the other alternatives of timber, rattan is an eco-friendly option. Nowadays, engineered wood is also available, but it is chemically processed. The PVC material furniture is a hazard to the environment because of its non-biodegradability. Therefore, rattan is the only remaining option that is entirely made up of natural material. Unlike the cutting of entire tree for making timber furniture, only the vines are cut down to make rattan furniture. These vines regrow rapidly and get ready to harvest again after some time.

5) Low maintenance cost and long life

When you compare the maintenance cost of rattan furniture with solid timber, it is much convenient. It is weather-proof and UV proof, thus; you don’t have to worry about its maintenance as frequently as other furniture materials. Rattan is easy to clean with just washing and polishing after a certain period of time.

From the above points, it is clear that if you are looking high-quality furniture in an affordable range, rattan is the best option. You can get it from local furniture shops or The Family Love Tree online portal in distinctive shapes and colours. From your bathroom to an outdoor garden, rattan is an ideal material for every furniture item.