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You have been using Instagram since a long time. And you know that it is meant for sharing high quality photos and connecting with people all around the world. 

There are a lot of things which you might like about Instagram. But apart from that, there are also a lot of things which you will hate about Instagram. And let’s talk about five of them. What are the 5 things which you hate the most about Instagram. 

Reasons to Hate, the loveable Instagram app

  1. Spam comments and posts are one of the main reasons that you might have started hating Instagram. Well, finding new messages and comments from people you don’t know is very annoying and it’s even possible that you might have headed straight to the security corner, and blocked them. 

You also get messages from fake accounts and they try to engage you in group conversations, and then you have to decline the option. 

  1. Reposting things is also not allowed. There’s no specific button for reposting the stuff that you like. You might be a fan of some sports page, and you may have liked some animated cartoon of your favourite sports star, and you might be in a mood to repost it. But with the existential features, you simply can’t do that. 
  2. The Time travel feature is also something which is not liked by most of the people. If you have viewed all the posts on your wall once, and after that even after you don’t use your account for some hours, the feed doesn’t refresh properly. You keep on seeing the same posts and no new posts appear on the top of your wall. That’s something boring, as the purpose doesn’t get fulfilled. You open Instagram to get rid of your boredom, but on the other hand, it’s increasing it. 
  3. The notifications are also a headache. Some people only want to see notifications of comments, and not likes. But the functionality simply doesn’t allow you to do so, and you end up seeing both. 


Influencers and their trick with Instagram likes

Well, we come across Influencers and other people who have made their career out of Instagram and they keep on saying that they hate boosters, but in reality, how does that turn out to be?

They buy Instagram likes and views, and that’s the way they have become influencers. Don’t tell me, you didn’t know about this? All of us know that and it has been part of the trend, since a long time. 

They use those strategies in order to attract the organic audience and also companies and brands who want to work with influencers. They seek influencers because they want to promote their content, products and services, in other way to get more views to their Ads and get much more likes on their offers. And that’s how a lot of influencers have made their careers, and they are able to earn a lot of money. 


Therefore, it’s important to make a note of these features and be careful.