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Although online casinos are all the rage these days, many punters still enjoy a night out at a casino. It offers a more social form of gambling, instead of the solitary experience of online betting. Customers can meet up with friends or even meet new ones, whilst playing. Many regulars form a bond with the staff too. If you are used to online casinos then visiting an actual land-based one can prove to be a bit of a culture shock, despite both offering a similar product. You obviously have to behave differently too, as you are not sitting in your living room in your pyjamas, eating snacks and spinning on your favourite slot game from playojo casino.

1. Don’t Go Dressed Down 

If you are not a regular client of land-based casinos, then you may not be aware that many of them have a dress code. Some casinos are more relaxed as they try to appeal to a younger cliental, but others want to keep up a certain standard set by the casino. If you turn up in a tracksuit and trainers, chances are your night will end at the entrance. 

2. Don’t Get Drunk 

If there are bars or alcoholic drinks available at your chosen establishment, then try and control your drinking. More casinos are offering a variety of entertainment to attract a younger audience and some casinos now come with lively bars.  Getting drunk and gambling are two things that don’t mix well at all. If you are dunk you are not in control of your senses or your rationality. You could lose all your savings in one night and not realize this until you sober up. 

3. Don’t Try To Cheat 

If you get caught cheating or trying to cheat, then things will end badly. Obviously the days of mob owned establishments are long gone, so you are no longer likely to be taken down the nearest alley and left to be dealt with by gangsters posing as security. Instead, you will most likely get blacklisted from all casinos or a casino chain and depending on the level of cheating, police could get involved too. 

4. Don’t Be Rude To Staff If You Lose 

If you regularly play at online casinos, then you may probably take your anger out and swear at your laptop if you keep on losing. If you are playing live dealer games at land-based casinos and you lose, you have to remember that the staff are just trying to make a living like everyone else, so taking out your frustrations out on staff will only end with a close encounter with security. 

5. Don’t Play Without Knowing The Rules 

If you are going to spend your hard earned cash on a game, then make sure you are not going in blind. You must know the rules of the games you are betting on. If you don’t, then do your homework or observe the games until you are familiar with how they work.