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5 Tips That Will Help You Write An Awesome Video Script

A great video begins with an awesome video script. Here are 5 tips that will help you create that awesome video script.

Videos have become very important in marketing and many companies are now investing a lot in producing high-quality videos that can grab the attention of their potential clients. A great video begins with an awesome video script. Here are 5 tips that will help you create that awesome video script.

Outline Your Goals

Before you go into writing, you need to outline your goals, and before you do the video Scripting you need to ask yourself why you want to produce the video, what your angle is, who will be watching it, why they would care to watch it, and what value will it provide.

If you can provide answers to those questions then you can now come up with a bulleted list of the information you want to include in the script before getting to the next step. You can use a video script template to help you in this process.

Turn Your Message Into a Story

Any video writing that you create must have one or more core messages that you want to pass to your audience. So, you need to take the list of the information mentioned above and convert it into a simple story that your script will follow. Your decision will depend on the goals you had set and what you feel your audience will find engaging and valuable.

You are making this video for your audience, so their needs must be addressed by it. Do not complicate the story but make it compelling to watch until the end where you have a call-to-action.

Speak in a Language Your Audience Understands

Talk in your audience’s language and not your own language. Your video script should target your audience not your stakeholders or your boss, and your audience can even be small kids. Try to find out what appeals most to them and the tone that can make your message acceptable to them.

They want to hear you speaking as a human being, not a robot, so you must come down to the level of your audience. If you can use the real phrases and words your audience use, the better, and that’s how to write a script for a video.

Keep the Video Script Sweet and Short

The sweetness here means you make it a bit entertaining so you can move along with your audience. The length also matters, if you make it too long, the audience may get bored before they reach the end where you have the call-to-action phrases.

It should be short enough to convey your message as succinctly as possible. It is only training videos that can be longer depending on the topic, but still, if the topic is too long, the video can be broken into two or more parts to give the audience some breaks.

Don’t Just Concentrate on Words

A video is not a novel. It is not all about words because it will involve voice-overs, sound effects, music, and motion graphics, all this should work harmoniously to convey your message.

Producing a Good Video Script Is All about Passion

If you are not passionate about video production, you can never produce a good video script. You need to enjoy the whole process from setting up the goals up to the point where the video is being produced. You can learn more about video scripting by visiting our blog.