Smartphones have made our lives way easier than we could even imagine a couple of decades ago. Your phones allow you to literally have everything from food apps to eLearning tools in one place. It would not be a stretch to say that our entire world is compressed into this small rectangle. Thanks to the technology of the internet, things that were considered to be way out of our reach, are available at our fingertips. The world has become digitalized, and with it, our practices of carrying out everyday tasks have also changed drastically. So, instead of browsing through the same three apps on repeat, why don’t you take advantage of the countless amazing apps available for you by making the most out of your smartphone?

However, while going through the app store, you can get a bit carried away by going overboard and downloading every app you come across. This is why we have put together a list of some of the best and most essential apps you need to download on your phone.

However, to download these apps and use them to their full capacity, you will be needing a reliable internet connection, preferably one that comes with unlimited data so you can download as many apps as you want. In this regard, we recommend getting a subscription to any of the CenturyLink internet plans since they include no data limit. So, if you are a new subscriber and want to learn more about it, then visit CenturyLink en Español to get all the information you need, and that too in your native language.

So, without much further ado, let’s get started.

1. Headspace

Headspace is one of the most underrated apps that everyone needs to have on their phones. It is a meditation and mindfulness app that helps you relax and calm down, especially during stressful times. It offers you a wide variety of music that is specially designed to help you keep your focus on the task at hand and do your workouts or yoga session. The app particularly helps you unwind at the end of a hectic day,

All in all, the app is designed to help you achieve the ultimate peace of mind, which is what everyone goes after in this current fast-paced world.

2. Any.Do

Any.Do saves you from having to write down everything you need to do in the entirety of your day. Often, we tend to forget the things we are supposed to do only because we don’t have our to-do list with us all the time. But with Any.Do, you can take care of everything since it allows you to look through everything that needs to be handled immediately.

The app is perfect for all those of you who quickly forget things you were meant to do and then have to spend the day with that nagging feeling constantly.

3. Brave Privacy Browser

We cannot stress enough how important it is to install Brave Privacy Browser on your phones. It includes several useful features that not only allow you to browse the internet smoothly but also with absolute security. It protects you from any malicious activities by providing built-in blockers for ads, pop-ups, third-party cookies, and scripts.

In addition to this, the app also implements the HTTPS Everywhere extension, which makes sure that you have a secure connection, albeit of the sites you visit.

4. Mint

If you find yourself wondering where your money goes by the end of every month, then check out this app called Mint. It helps you in keeping a track of all your expenses and income by simply linking all your accounts together. The app requires you to enter your bank account information and then you can leave the rest to it. It will not only record your income but the total amount you transfer throughout the month, the transactions that take place, and other expenses.

What’s more, the app is completely free for you to use. So, hurry up, and start saving all that money.

5. 1Weather

1Weather is one of the most popular weather apps. Its simple user interface and easy-to-navigate design allow you to check out the weather forecast for up to 12 weeks. Moreover, it also provides information on the radar and sends notifications when severe weather is going to hit your area. It has customizable widgets and a video element that comes with a two to three minutes weather update for your region.

You can either purchase the app for $1.99 (ad-free) or download it without spending a single penny, however, the free version comes with ads.

6. Snapseed

Snapseed is a picture editing tool that takes your normal-looking pictures to Instagram-worthy. It has tons of cool features that allow you to edit your photos to make them look aesthetically pleasing. Snapseed offers various options to edit your pictures using filters. In addition to this, you can also change the color, and make any picture seem like it has been taken with a professional camera.

Once you are done editing the photos, you can save them in the camera roll and go over to Instagram to upload them in a jiffy.

Wrapping it Up

The app stores are flooded with millions of apps. All claim to be extraordinary, while some apps quite literally deliver what they promise you. So, if you have been wondering which apps are worth giving a try, then check out the ones we have mentioned in this article and download them to your phone today.