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Want to create stunning pamphlets and brochures? Here are 6 tips that will help you achieve your goal!

Wondering what makes the best pamphlets? Skyrocket your business by adding in a few tips to improve your brochure design. Growing your company is not as difficult as it might seem. 

Many business owners get busy with paperwork or other company tasks. It can be hard to remember to put yourself in your viewer’s shoes. Not to fret because we’re going to jot down all those important tips! 

Read on to see our top six tips for producing the best pamphlets! 

  1. Struggling for Pamphlets Ideas? Use a Template!

Templates are great starting points for brochures. If you don’t know what colors you like best or what theme you want, it’ll give you an image. That way you can see sort of how color schemes come together. 

  1. Readable Fonts and Colors

For beginner pamphlet makers, it can be easy to slip into an unreadable font or color. You want to remember to look at your pamphlet as a reader would. A bright yellow or curvy cursive font might hurt the eyes. 

The best advice for this tip is to always take the safe route when you have text. Use bold font and dark letters with a light-color background. 

  1. Cut Down on Text

Take the route of showing more than telling. The best pamphlets and brochures are those that show the reader in vibrant images. Cut down on chunky text, and include only the essentials. 

Most people don’t read pamphlets, but they’re more likely to check out images. If your written text is vital, break it apart using bullet points! Also, be sure to use simple terminology. 

The goal is to write something quick, simple, and memorable. 

  1. Uniformity Is the Key We Did Not Expect!

Keeping your pamphlet in alignment is going to make it more appealing. Symmetric draws the human eye in a satisfying and positive way. If we know that people find uniformity attractive, then you know how to better design your layout

Look out for margins and spacing issues that can throw off uniformity. 

  1. Purpose and Strong Focus 

The worst thing you can do is waste your readers time. It’s going to put a negative spotlight on your brand name also. You want your client to feel they’re getting helpful and unique information.

This goes back to the classic supply and demand concept. What does your client want, and can you give it to them.

  1. Credibility and First Impressions 

Avoid writing or adding in information you don’t have authority on. Keep the focus on your company and product and remove bias opinions. Pamphlets and brochures are the clients first step in your company’s direction.

That means its as important as a first impression! Your pamphlet is your audition or pitch offer to a client. 

You Have the Idea…Now, Its Time for the Fun Bit—Creation!

Now you have some pamphlets to rock the socks of your next clients! We can help you make a perfect design. If you’re struggling to get your idea on paper, let us help you manifest it. 

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