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Today, gambling is no longer confined in the brick and mortar casinos like in the past. Gambling has taken over the online stage, giving punters the chance to play and enjoy various games on the go. Different online casino games such as Tangkas have become popular not only in Indonesia but across Asia and the entire world as well. This popularity came about due to their availability to be played online and on mobile apps by everyone interested. 

The tangkasnet casino game online resembles video poker, and it was introduced in the seventies from Taipei. It features different types and platforms online such as the Daftar Tangkas and the Bola Tangkas. This game allows players to play multiple games simultaneously with several open windows on the computer screen. Additionally, this game can be played anytime, and anywhere you feel comfortable playing. This way, you can be able to quickly master how to play the game as well as increase your chances of winning. 

But before you become a pro in winning this game, consider and follow the guidelines below. 

How to Play Tangkas Online

Early Indonesian poker games played in physical casinos employed the use of smaller slot machines. Today, every concept of the game is designed to work with online platforms. There are computer consoles that resemble slot machines designed to give players an easy time. While playing these games such as the Daftar Tangkas, two players are presented with seven cards each to reach the highest possible combination. 

Players then toss two cards and remain with five that are drawn. After dealing, the player who has the top combination wins. Additionally, a player is declared the victor if the other party folds their respective cards during the last show. These are the basic rules that you need to follow while playing Tangkas Online. 

How to Win in Playing Tangkas Online

For you to win, you need to be stealth and learn the best strategies. Use the available tutorials online to learn how to play the game like a pro. These tutorials help you learn how to reduce your losing chances and equips you with winning strategies. Additionally, they help you figure out and cover up potential loopholes. 

Tutorials can teach you many things, but they are not enough to get you a win. You must put all the things you have learned into practice by first trying out with demo accounts. Do not forget to check out how other players have won and the type of strategies they used. While practicing, ensure you play with various categories to get a different feel of the available games. 

Additionally, get to find out and learn more about the available promotions as well as bonuses. Some online casinos provide free credits to their clients for them to try out their available poker game. Ensure you search and determine whether there exist any other bonuses, freebies, and offers that you can use to study the game. Furthermore, you can find an excellent mentor to equip you with more skills required to play the game. 


Playing Tangkas online is such a fun and thrilling adventure. When you get the game right, you can enjoy the game as well as make a fortune out of it. Follow this essential guide to getting started with playing Tangkas online.