Just like watching the game itself, betting on the National Football League has become more or less popular. A lot of people all over the world enjoy betting some money on football games every weekend, and most of them opt for wagering more.

If you are still new to NFL betting, you might get confused with many different terms and phrases. However, don’t worry because you are not alone. This guide will enlighten you on some betting basics during a game.

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Point Spread Betting

When it comes to an NFL game, the very first thing you must know is how the point spread betting works, put together, and shown to the public. Bettors will surely be successful in the business by knowing and understanding this, read more at bookmakers.eu.

People who set the point spread or line called the oddsmaker always put down a number that he or she believes is the most reasonable that’ll get impartial action from bettors. Oddsmakers are experts that examine every aspect of the event or game.

Also, they are normally fortunate at deciding on a number that collects money from bettors on both sides. Oddsmakers study all kinds of different factors, trends, and statistics to help them set the point spread.

Once these trained professionals come up with the number, the bettors can bet on a side and can impact the point spread if most of the money is going in the direction of one particular play.

With every line that’s set, you’ll have an underdog and a favorite. Favorite refers to the team that’s predicted to win. On the other hand, an underdog refers to a team that’s expected to lose. What’s more, each National Football League will have an under or over-total, which is the total points the game is restricted to have by the teams.


Moneylines or ML refers to the odds or likelihood of winning the NFL game. Most bettors want to wage some money to just the loser or winner, for which is where the ML comes to play. The problem is that many bettors make ML bets without knowing it.

Take note that Moneyline betting is the most straightforward way to bet on spots. For the most part, bettors just pick a team or player to win. If, for instance, the bettor picks the winning team or player, the sportsbook will give the bettor the amount due.

Unlike point spread, bettors will only pick the winning side with a Moneyline bet. Although it’s simple to place a wager in the Moneyline bet, understanding how it pays may be quite difficult. Both sides of each wager are reimbursed on a different timetable, thus, making this type of bet puzzling.

Moreover, the favorite player or team on the ML is the team that is predicted to win and is typically listed with a minus sign. On the other hand, the underdog team is listed with a plus sign. The plus side will pay more compared to the actual wager and the minus side will pay less.


With this type of NFL bet, bettors are no longer worried about who will win. Alternatively, bettors are more concerned about the overall score. Additionally, betting on the total also means over-under betting.

Generally speaking, odds will be the same for the over and under-betting. Plus, the total set may change in a week. If you decide to make this type of bet, be sure to click on the option with the right letter: “u” for under and “o” for over.

Parlays And Teasers

This type of bet involves at least one event. Parlays can cover a mix of the total, point spread, or Moneyline bets from more than one game every week. Even so, most sportsbooks won’t permit you to bet the spread and Moneyline in the same game.

When making a parlay bet, as you get all games correct, your probable payout is increased. Thus, allowing you to have more winnings and fewer risks. On the other hand, a teaser bet is a type of parlay, wherein all bets are against the total or the spread. Also, the bettor gains more advantageous spreads by sacrificing potential payout.


When betting on the NFL, there is undoubtedly no lack of options. Make sure to review the simple NFL betting strategies laid out in this guide before making action and wager responsibly.