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Most of the people never pay attention to their bathroom that how it looks because of the busy lifestyle. Generally, a person enters the bathroom only for brush, flush and shower in the morning. However, it can also be a soothing place to relax after spending frustrating hours in the office. You just to need to make some little customisations and the results will be very satisfactory. There is no need to seek help from a professional interior designer; it is a small place that you can customise according to your own comfort level.

Scroll down to get some ideas on how you can change the entire look of the bathroom.

Unique ideas to change the look of your bathroom

1) Natural touch

Those who admire nature can customise their bathroom in many ways. The first thing to consider is a plantation of indoor plants. There are several species of plants that require very less sunlight and survive perfectly in an indoor environment. Some options that you can choose are Aloe Vera, Boston fern, lucky bamboo, snake plants and orchid.

Not only plants, but stone bathtub and sink can also add a natural touch to your bathroom. Replace your nylon rugs with jute, use chicks instead of polyester curtains and replace plastic accessories with wood.  

2) Smart bathrooms

If you are a gadget lover, smart bathroom idea will surely impress you. It requires some extra budget but will turn your bathroom into futuristic place. There are many accessories to try in smart bathrooms. One can install a touch-enabled mirror that also turns into a smart TV. A shower with a touch-enabled control panel allows you to adjust temperature and water flow according to the convenience. A smart toilet seat can also be a part of your bathroom. It is a sensor’s enabled seat that automatically open, adjust temperature and provides hands-free cleaning.

3) Play with lighting

Lighting effects according to your mood can change the entire ambience of bathroom. There are smart LED strips that you can install around the bathtub, above the mirror or around the shower panel. They are controllable with the help of a smartphone app. Change the colours according to your mood, no need to change colour bulb.

4) Decorative accessories

There are countless ideas of decorative accessories to buy for bathroom. It depends on your creativity and perspective. If half of your wall is painted, cover it with attractive wallpapers that must match the colour of tiles. Buy a set of soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, tumbler and soap dish in same colour and texture for a uniform look. Search for some stickers with interesting quotes to apply behind the toilet seat or bathtub. Put an aroma diffuser on a side table for mind soothing that you can get in beautiful shapes. Also, roof hanging fancy lights can do a brilliant job if you use tungsten filament bulbs.

While decorating your bathroom, there are countless ideas to implement. It all depends on your imagination and quality of bathroom accessories from a genuine supplier like Middletons Warehouse. Make sure that your bathroom has enough space to accommodate the accessory in which you are interested.