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Tekmetric reinvents auto shop software

Shop owners and managers have long wanted improved functionality from their auto shop software. Tekmetric offers an all-in-one solution to this problem. Digital vehicle inspections are being sought out by more shops regularly. Tekmetric provides you with the ability to perform this function. You’ll have access to canned jobs, OEM parts information, vendors, and inventory. This means that you can create custom quotes and job orders instantaneously. Labor charges are automatically assigned to each quote. You’ll also have features that will improve your communication with customers. Automatic appointment reminders, scheduling, electronic status updates, and more are all available. Your customers will be able to have the information that they want on their mobile devices. You can even send text messages right through the program.

Tekmetric will save you time and money

Tekmetric auto shop software will save you time by not having to run back and forth to create quotes. Your inventory will be automatically updated, saving you even more time. Carfax and other reporting applications are also embedded within the program. Having your technicians perform digital vehicle inspections saves them time as well. Your customers will be able to get pictures and explanations which will improve sales. You’ll save money by not having to order expensive forms that end up looking unprofessional. Many different reports can be created with Tekmetric’s auto shop software. Job profitability, receipts, invoices, and purchase orders are all seamlessly produced. Spending less time having to make phone calls to customers and doing more repairs will ultimately increase your bottom line. You’ll have more time to focus on the important things like growing your shop.

Tekmetric improves data security

Since Tekmetric’s auto shop software operates on a wireless connection, you’ll have built-in security. Advanced SSL encryption keeps customer and shop information private. You can also use the software for an unlimited amount of shops. User level access can be set up so that employees are only using information that’s relevant to their job. You’re able to save money by not having to maintain any server hardware or run backups. Customer and vehicle information is kept safe and sound. A single sign-on feature means that you’ll be able to manage all of your locations from anywhere in the world.

Tekmetric is confident you’ll love their auto shop software

Tekmetric is so confident that you’ll love their services, they’re offering you a free trial for the rest of 2018. There are no sign-up fees, commitments, or future purchases required. Simply get an in-shop demonstration to see exactly how Tekmetric would work for you. You’ll be given a tutorial and all the information you need to get started. The free trial and demonstration can be scheduled on the Tekmetric website. The website also provides you with examples and a load of information on how the product works. The Tekmetric website can be accessed at any time by visiting Start enjoying all the features that you’ve been missing. Go to their online scheduling and set up your free demonstration, today.