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Quitting smoking is one of the hardest activities due to the highly addictive nature of nicotine. Not only does it create a temporary, addictive sensation of relaxation. But, the activity becomes a physical habit. 

Of course, nothing is positive about smoking. 

The temporary sensation is your body producing dopamine to the stave the nicotine withdrawals. There’s no, actual de-stressing going on. And, you’re slowly killing yourself from the irreversible damage done to your lungs, throat, colon, and other, vital bodily parts.

There’s the thing:

Everyone knows smoking kills. Everyone knows it’s addictive.

Yet… millions, each year, light up their first cigarette. And, many more go through a pack-a-day or more. They know the dangers, the addiction, and the distress. They’ll try almost a dozen times to quit, too.

… Maybe this time will be different.

Give It 3 Days

Three days.

That’s how long it takes until nicotine leaves your system.

Could you last three days? Of course, you can. It certainly helps to go into it with positive intentions and strong willpower. But, think how trivial three days is compared the years ahead. It’s nothing.

Yes, you’ll have cravings, sweats, and some insomnia but you’ve likely gone through worse. 

How to Become a Non-Smoker

It doesn’t matter how you approach quitting smoking as long as you’re committed. There’s no shame or glory with one method over the other. No one, nor yourself, will belittle your accomplishment. What matters is finding a non-smoking routine that works for you.

What are the three, best methods to quit smoking forever?


Vaping with an electronic cigarette has become a popular method for nicotine cessation. This has become a rallying call from its industry and many having successfully quit through vaping.

What are the benefits of this method?

  1. Slowly reduce nicotine intake by lowering nicotine levels in eliquids
  2. Finding tasty eliquid flavors so they’re less likely to return to tobacco products
  3. Having one or two puffs vs “committing” to a full cigarette
  4. Experiencing a similar smoking “sensation” from the heaviness of vapor

It’s very common for those using vaping to find a great flavor, slowly lower nicotine levels by 2-4mg, and eventually, embrace 0mg nicotine juices.


A more traditional way to taper nicotine addiction is through medicinal means.

This would include:

  • Nicotine gums
  • Nicotine patches
  • Nicotine medications

Patches/gums use this same level of staging the quitting process. These are over-the-counter items you can find at any health/drug store. Or, request them from general practitioners. Some states may offer free quitting kits by calling and requesting.

Medications like Wellbutrin and Chantix provide a stronger method to quit medicinally. These are prescribed by a medical professional. Success rates with these are typically higher than patches/gums.

Cold Turkey

Of course, those with the willpower can simply quit cold turkey.

The process is literally:

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Keep not smoking

It’s not for everyone but does show high effectiveness. Why? Because it hardlines the process without extending nicotine consumption — it removes the temptation from the longer, quitting timeline.

Usually, someone quitting cold turkey has a very strong conviction to do so such as a sudden medical problem, pregnancy, or shock to the system. There’s a kind of “it’s time” mentality. This gives the individual plenty of motivation to follow the challenge.

Make a Date and Dump the Smokes

It doesn’t have to be today. It doesn’t have to be tomorrow. Make a date you can get behind — mark it a special occasion of starting a new you. Yes, it’ll be hard but those three days will go by fast. And, before long, you’ll look back and have a chuckle at how you ever enjoyed that old, nasty habit.