Sports betting has flourished in the United States since the 2018 PASPA repeal which has allowed each state to decide whether it wants to legalize the activity within its borders. Some states, like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, were quick to react, others promptly followed, while there are still more to do the same in the years to come. The massive rise of the industry has seen numerous domestic and global heavyweights flocking onto the new and highly opportunistic market. 

The number of sportsbooks available for American punters keeps growing in a rapid fashion. A mere look at the sites like Americagambles will best confirm such a trend.  But we are all wondering what the best sportsbook the United States to bet with is? How do you even figure it out? Numerous factors play a part, from the history/reliability, across the attractiveness of promotions, to the quality of the odds and the range of the betting offer in general. 

While it is hard to underline the one single best bookmaker in the sea of genuine options, Bet365 do stand out in most of the aforementioned parameters. 

The best sportsbook in the world, not just in the United States

Bet365 have established itself as the best and by far the most popular sports betting operator in the world. They are constantly doing a marvelous job in keeping up with the latest trends and technological advancements and always seem to be at least one step ahead of the competitors. The British sportsbook has, of course, taken advantage of the aforementioned laws changes in America by expanding their business line and jumping onto the new market. On top of covering all the best soccer leagues, they also cover a slur of American sports these days. 

The range of betting options & the quality of the odds

Without mentioning the superior history and reliability, Bet365 sit among the very top of the list of sportsbooks with the widest range of sporting events covered. In the United States, in particular, they have adjusted their betting offer to better suit the local bettors who fancy the popular American leagues over soccer, for example. On top of a phenomenal offer for pre-game bets, Bet365 have by far the best in-play betting service in the world. 

The odds are somewhat different than the ones you will find with most other US sportsbooks. Bet365 tend to set the odds and the lines earlier than North American sportsbooks and offer market-leading prices in most cases (with soccer in particular). 

Mobile betting, customer service, banking methods

Last but not least, Bet365 have one of the most sophisticated mobile apps on the market. They also excel in terms of technical parameters like payment options and customer service. Overall, you’d really have to dig deep to find even the slightest drawback at Bet365. They may not be the best in every single parameter, but the combination of elements discussed above makes the UK giants the best bookmaker in the US to bet with.