Best games to play in online casinos

When you dive in the world of gambling for the first time, you’ll be presented with thousands of games to choose from. The collection starts from the most fascinating slots to multiple variations of Blackjack, Roulette, Video poker, and the live versions. Moreover, there are free casino games with an available demo version. However, who can prove the safety and fairness of these games? Probably we can answer it according to the reputation of a provider and after the comprehensive tests of gambling experts. By the way, you can read an excellent article about the best games in online casinos. The rating in the article was made by the team of professional gamblers from the

What are the main game genres?

Slots – there are thousands of slots with different features and themes. From the technological side of view, slots are the easiest casino games to transfer from live casino to online casino. Pokies are the games with high RTP (Return to Player) rates, sometimes based on famous franchises like Game of Thrones, DC Comics and others. Usually, slot machines provide massive progressive jackpots, which can lead to a massive winnings as much as several millions of dollars. Have you heard of Mega Moolah, it breaks the records of awarding players with crazy amounts of money.

Blackjack – consists of many variations and user-friendly strategies. Compared to slots, playing Blackjack you can reduce the house edge to almost a zero. It depends on what techniques you have chosen. There are two main versions, American and European. The main difference is in how cards are exposed. Check out the strategies and variations at

Video Poker – many players love poker, because it’s not simple based on luck. The rules are pretty much similar to table poker, with only one difference, you play against the house. Generally, you play with official Poker Hand Ranking, 5-card draw with all 5 cards dealt in ones. Royal Flush is a top hand possible.

Roulette – the queen of table games – classical casino game with a bunch of variations. There are three main classical versions, these are American, French and European. Odds and bets depend on a particular version. So, if you want to beat the house edge, you better play in demo modes first to learn some strategies.