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You name a theme for a slot game and the chances are that it already exists. 

The range of slots out there today is remarkable and much of this is thanks to the thriving popularity of such games. The online gambling industry itself is prospering, too, experiencing the benefits of 3G and 4G connectivity in combination with the all conquering nature of the smartphone. The fact that slot games are more often than not fully functional and optimised for playing on a smartphone, only means that the quality of games is getting better and better, too, as well as the choice. 

Themes are incredibly varied, going from underwater spectacles to outer space adventures. Ancient Rome could be one destination, followed by Ancient Egypt or a zombie apocalypse. You may notice that some themes are commonly repeated as they prove to be popular, with the likes of the Irish themed slot game definitely be one such concept. 

Another is the viking themed slot game, as the ancient Nordic people seem to trigger a lot of inspiration from slot game developers out there who clearly get a kick out of the big beards, metal armour and massive wooden ships. As such, there are plenty of slot games to choose from if you want to have a flutter on a viking-themed slot, so much so that we wanted to narrow the choice down by only bring you the best. Click to play viking slots today

Without further ado, here are the best viking themed slots. 

Viking Gods: Thor and Loki 

New for 2019 is Viking Gods: Thor and Loki. 

Developed by the company, Playson, whose dedication to making slot games a visually enhancing experience seems to go on and on, this is a brilliantly designed slot with a unique lay out. This is down to the not 3 reels or even 5. But rather, a 15 reel layout that makes for non-stop fun and endless possibilities. 

So many ways of winning obviously creates quite a few minor wins, but should you land the two gods who this game is centred around, Thor or Loki, you will be rewarded suitably. A few bonus features and playability across all of tablet, smartphone and desktop makes this a fine choice. 

Vikings Go Wild Slot 

Knowing that this game is produced by Yggdrasil is almost enough information to convince you to check out Vikings Go Wild. 

The developer always comes with the best graphics and their reputation amongst slot game circles is legendary as a result. Set at sea, this game provides some big waves and some potentially big wins, too, thanks to some smart bonus rounds and a decent sized jackpot, too. 

This game is also playable across all platforms and provides a mightily fine option for a viking slot game. 

Vikings Slot 

Finally we have a slot game based on the TV series, Vikings. 

A popular series, this slot game tribute has some great graphics in order to truly convert the series into a slot game. All your favourite and less favourite characters are involved here in a slot game that goes in depth about vikings and their culture.