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Sports betting has become the buzzword amongst sports fans. Even though it has been in existence for many years, it has picked pace in the recent decade. This can be attributed to the advancement in technology and widespread internet connectivity. Just like any other sport, the NFL has become a favorite for many.

NFL betting is even carried out by people who are not of American descent. Practices, odds, and lines may vary but the bottom line is that more and more people are involved in NFL betting. Unlike football played in Europe; Premiere league, NFL betting involves the use of terminologies that many deem hard to understand.

We have come up with a list of types of NFL lines and odds. Understanding them should turn your betting from a mere hobby into a lucrative and profitable business.

Types of NFL lines and odds

  •    Point spread

First on our list is point spread. Loved and used by many due to the ease of use and increasing winning chances. It doesn’t involve a lot of mathematics to know how much you will win. You just need to read the points. For example:

  •    Team A +3
  •    Team B-3

You can bet on either team. If you bet on team A and they win by more than three points, you win. Alternatively, if you bet on team B and they lose by less than three points, you win.

  •    Decimal odds

Also known as European odds or continental odds, they are ideal for fixed-odds betting on NFL games. They are mostly used in Europe and other continents. Let’s use an example for illustration:

  •    Team A1.18
  •    Team B5.00

Ideally, you pick the number on the right and multiply it by your wager (the amount you want to bet), to see how much profit you will earn. A bet on team A would present you with an $18 profit.

  •    Even bets

It is a situation where you get the same odds regardless of the side you bet on. Betting on point spread is a perfect example. You double your money in case you win. Regardless of the team, you bet on you are still bound to win.

  •    In-play wagering and live betting

Simply put, you can bet on recently updated money lines, point spreads and totals as the NFL games proceeds live. You can even bet on each play as it goes on. It is one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in the game.

With live NFL betting, you can predict if the next play will be a catch or a run. You can use the information available on each player to make a concise decision on the next play. Note, such betting is like involving yourself in a lottery. You are never sure of the outcome.


The above types of NFL odds and lines should guide you in making the right bets. Compare between sportsbooks to get the very best out of each bet. NFL betting is bound to grow as more people embrace it.