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How and where to invest in 2020? What are the best tools to do online trading? Find out in this guide. It is not difficult to understand today why criptovalute are considered by many investors as a formidable asset … too bad not to have thought about it before! All the great traders of the past, who bought BitCoin or other digital currencies when they cost just over a few dollars, today are lucky.

Unfortunately, no trader has a magic wand. Nobody owns the time machine, so we can’t help but look forward. Despite all the conflicting opinions, it is difficult to make considerations or forecasts on how you can invest in cryptocurrencies in future years. You can try and get lucky, but that’s not how you trade online!

What are cryptocurrencies?

Let’s start from the beginning and try to understand what cryptocurrencies are and how to invest with them. 

Digital currency in general allows you to make payments online securely. On the other hand, it must be understood that no country or state has the power to print them. 

Which cryptocurrencies should I buy?

There are many traders who today want to know which cryptocurrencies offer a better investment in the long term. We can answer this question by listing a few. Be careful not to underestimate cryptocurrencies either, because they must not be considered only as a financial investment, but they can also be considered as a tool that offers several advantages.

At this point we just have to understand:

  • What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest or trade on;
  • What are their characteristics and main uses;
  • Cryptocurrency considerations

We know that bitcoin was the first virtual currency created, which then gave rise to hundreds of other variants. To know more click on immediate-bitcoins

Consequently, we can deduce that:

Who first had the idea of ​​virtual currency, had a winning idea. This is due to the simple fact that it has solved various problems even by overcoming certain tradeoffs through technology. We are therefore sure that this idea will not die, but on the contrary, it will evolve in the future.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just beginning; as a consequence we cannot say which cryptocurrencies will emerge in the future. The stated certainty that we have is that some of these will impose themselves on the others and therefore will be used in a much more consistent way than now, making their price rise exponentially.

Here then that based on what has been said so far, we can say that the best digital currencies to bet on for a long-term investment are:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Ripple;
  • Litecoin;
  • Monero.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading: features

Ethereum V/S bitcoin

The first advantage related to cryptocurrencies is security. In fact, for these it is possible to affirm how each transaction takes place if the entire network has seen and recorded it (thanks to the blockchain). It is therefore not possible to cheat. It is statistically proven and, moreover, experienced, to corrupt the register.

The second concerns anonymity, in that, unlike traditional currency, it is anonymous in itself and there is no real money moving from one bank to another as it does for cash. In spite of everything, it is not possible to think that there are abuses that make cryptocurrencies illegal. These are safe and authorized. 

How to buy BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies

However, there are online marketplaces (i.e. brokerage websites for the purchase and sale of a good or service). These are moving towards the most famous cryptocurrencies such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum, etc.

Blockchain technology (at the basis of these systems) is also becoming a target for several national governments, such as Dubai, which is moving towards innovative solutions for all telematic management. In fact, it was precisely this, which confirmed that: Blockchains are the future. They were the first to invest in this technology in order to set up Bit Boost, or platform based on a crypto currency. Ethereum is one of them. These digital currencies have a simple structure, where you pay a fee of $ 1 for each loaded object.