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The online casino industry is growing and fast-changing thanks to new technologies, innovation in casino services, and changing player preferences. However, some things remain constant. Just take the case of the popularity and marketability of blackjack. Although it’s one of the oldest casino games around, it manages to retain its appeal among players and enthusiasts. And even if the top casinos for players from the Philippines offer engaging 3D slots or premium jackpot titles, blackjack online is still a crowd-pleaser. 

So what makes the online blackjack game a popular option for many players and enthusiasts. Well, it’s all about the ease of gameplay, friendly odds for players, and easy-to-understand rules. Compared to other casino games, a gaming session pits the player against the dealer. Your main objective is to beat the dealer and you can make it happen in at least two ways:

  • Form a hand that’s better than the dealer by not going bust, or exceed ‘21’
  • Allow the dealer to form a hand with a value of more than ‘21’

You don’t need to get the exact number; your main objective here is to beat the hand of the dealer without exceeding the magic number. When you play blackjack, you need to appreciate the card values as these are the basis of the hand value. To play blackjack, cards from 2 to 9 will retain their face values. This means that a card of 3 gets a value of 3. Assigning the value on the Aces can be different as it can feature a value of 1 or 11 depending on how the player wants to play the cards. All other cards from Jacks to Queens will get the value of 10.

Playing the Game in Real Money

To play in real money, you need to put your chips on the table. Once ready, simply click ‘Deal’ to start the round. If playing live blackjack, the dealer announces play and he will then assign each player with a face-up card and one card for himself which is called the up-card. He will then distribute another card face-up and he will retain another card as well but it’s displayed face-down. From here, you need to pay attention to the two cards awarded to you and consider the up-card of the dealer on the table. In this part of the round, you need to choose from the following decisions: Hit, Stand, Split or Double Down.

  • Hit. Use this option if you want another card. But if the hand exceeds 21, you lose. Assess the cards available on the table before deciding to hit.
  • Stand. Choose this if you are happy with the cards you have collected and you think you can beat the dealer’s hand.
  • Split. As the name suggests, you will split two cards of similar values to create to separate hands (and bets). For example, if you have collected two ‘8s’, the operator will allow you to split this into two hands and add an extra wager.
  • Double Down. This is an important action on the blackjack table which means that you’ll take another card and stand. If you win, you double the amount to be collected.

Blackjack is card comparing game and you must understand the values and basic decision-making skills. Compared to other casino games, this classic table game offers a challenging experience and rewards those who are persistent and confident. If you are planning to play in real money, make sure you understand the rules and you know the basics when it comes to playing strategies and bankroll management.