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Minimalism isn’t just an interior design movement – it’s a lifestyle. Minimalism is about living with less and enjoying the benefits that this brings. Minimalists have less baggage – literally – meaning they have fewer things to worry about and, therefore, less stress in their lives.

Getting rid of all of your stuff isn’t easy, of course – and that’s probably not how you should start out! Instead, focus on getting rid of things bit by bit. Improve your home and cut out the clutter, streamlining your space to suit your needs. Slowly but surely, you’ll begin to enjoy living with less – and downsizing will get easier and easier.

The trial period

Throwing things out can be scary. But what about putting something away for a while? It’s still there if you need it, and you may just find that you can live without it.

“Hiding” items in this way is a very popular technique among new minimalists. There are all sorts of ways to see if you need an item or not. Some people turn the hangers around on their clothes each time they wear them and, after a few months, check in to see which clothes are still hanging the original way, untouched after all that time. Others stash items in their basement or in a storage unit. If the item stays untouched (or perhaps even forgotten), perhaps it’s not so essential after all. After living without something for months on end, you may find throwing it out to be easy.

Upgrades and replacements

It’s easier to part with things when we’re getting a better version of them. You may love your car, but you wouldn’t hesitate to trade it in for a new top-of-the-line model! You can use this to your advantage by investing in upgrades that better suit your minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalism doesn’t mean that you don’t value things – in fact, it can mean that you value them more. When you only own a few things, the things that you do own really matter! So invest in quality items that make your life easier. Choosing modern appliances for your sophisticated kitchen can improve the functionality of your space in the way that useless luxury items, like decorations, can’t.

You may also find that you can replace two or three items with just one. Swap lots of boxes and shelves for one effective storage unit, trade appliances for their all-in-one alternatives, and get great clothes that work as well at the bar as they do at the office. Buying something new can be minimalist if it causes you to get rid of multiple old things!

Ramping up in slimming down

As you make more and more minimalist changes to your space, you’ll probably start enjoying your new home. You’ll find that you have more room in your rooms, and less stress. You’ll treasure the items that you do have, because they’ll be so functional and important. And you may find that you like this way of living – and that making further minimalist changes only gets easier!