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In some forums and blogs, you can often read that gamers don’t recommend playing online poker. However, those who complain about online poker are the losers who were previously riding the popularity of the game. Now is the time to debunk the myths behind online poker. Find out more in this article: 

There are Too Many Straight Flushes, Quads, or Full Houses 

Beginners who have experienced playing offline poker are surprised by the number of high-quality hands when it comes to online poker. You can rarely see quads and straight flushes in home games. Even a full house is special. As such, beginners will easily get into suspicion that someone is manipulating the cards in online poker. 

These type of gamers completely forget the following: when playing poker offline, they can only have up to 30 hands for each hour. But in online poker like sbobet88, you can play two times or 60 hands for each hour. Moreover, even beginners can play more than one table all at the same time.

Meanwhile, advanced players who play at six tables can play twelve times more for each hour during live poker. In line with this, you can play 12 times more full houses, straight flushes, and quads in online poker than the traditional poker game. 

There are Lots of Set-Ups in Online Poker 

A set-up can happen whenever a strong hand is defeated by another stronger hand. Most of the time, a player with a strong hand will push away all of his chips at the middle. He will get angry whenever he loses from a better hand. Some of the common set-ups include set versus set, flush versus full house and full house against a full house. 

Poker Sites Will Gain More Action 

Some players believe that poker rooms generate more action because they assign players with strong hands and make them broke in the end. 

But you have to take note that poker rooms use random number generators or RNG. It is impossible to give out cards to generate action without giving card combinations. The RNGs are authenticated and verified by auditing firms on a regular basis. 

Moreover, the majority of the players analyze and store their hand histories via tools or built-in software. The statistical difference, no matter how big or small, would decrease one’s confidence in the poker room whenever they are discovered. Now, poker rooms like sbobet88 adjust to the player’s confidence in the software. No poker room doesn’t want to experience this kind of manipulation when it becomes public and this can damage its reputation.

In some of the poker tournaments, the poker room can have the rake or the fee in advance. With this, the provider will have no advantage of generating added action. But when a player busts in early on, then he can play another game. But here, the poker room can profit much more if it is willing to raise it faster. 

You Lose After Cash-outs 

There are poker players who complain about this one. Whenever they withdraw their earnings, they lose the successive game. However, this is not true. The poker skins can’t transfer data about the cashing out of players to the main software dispensing the cards.