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Imagine how great it would be to earn from playing a sport? Well, in this day and age, it is possible. One very lucrative game to be part of is football. But then again, how do footballers make their money? Let’s find out.

Playing for clubs

Sure you have heard about how much footballers make today, we are talking millions and millions per game. Footballers who play for the major sports that are shown on football live stream get paid per game, per day, and some even get paid showing up for practice. Just wearing that team jersey earns them some cash. That is the first way they get to earn.

Endorsements and brand advertisement

Many brands, including sports brands, energy drink brands, and even sportswear, pay great teams and individual football players endorsements to wear their brand. Besides getting paid, some players get all the free stuff from the brand to be seen wearing it. This goes beyond just football as it is not a surprise to see Christiano Ronaldo wearing a Dior cologne or a Burberry or Gucci suit on the red carpet.

Acting and making movie cameos

Footballers are stars on their level, and they too can feature in movies. Some even have had documentaries and films made in their honor, and if you did not know, they get paid for that also. Some football players that have appeared in movies are like Olivier Giroud in a Spiderman movie and Ashley Cole in the 2009 deadman walking movie. The duo is part of the many who have been featured in films while others make appearances on music videos, tv shows, sitcoms, and even cartoons, to mention a few.


The next channel that footballers make money is through becoming ambassadors of huge corporations like the UN, Red Cross, and other humanitarian bodies. Since they are at a position of influence, the message gets to reach even football fans who would have never found out about the cause of the player was not the ambassador. Didier Drogba is the Goodwill Ambassador of the UNDP, and Gianluigi Buffo is the Goodwill Ambassador of the UN WFP. they reach a lot of people and get paid for it.

Their own companies

Mathieu Flamini, a professional footballer, owns a bioscience firm knowns as GF Biochemicals. Another prominent businessman is Clarence Seedorf; a former AC Milan player is now a proud owner of a Japanese restaurant group. There are just two of the many that have expanded their income into other business ventures, proving that it is possible to have more than one income channel. 


With all those channels to make money, the next time your child, niece, or nephew says they want to become a footballer, do nothing but encourage them. As you have seen, football is a pretty excellent market place for a career. You do not only go running kicking the ball all day, but you can be paid for every kick you throw. It gets better for you when you score for your team, yes they get paid for that too.