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In today’s digital-focused world, many marketing efforts are online. From social media to email blasts, most businesses allocate a good portion of their marketing budget to digital marketing. This is especially true because people keep their smartphones in their hands nearly all the time. But, contrary to popular belief, direct mail marketing is not dead. In fact, direct mail marketing offers endless benefits. So, what are the benefits of using direct mail marketing in 2019?

Direct mail can target a specific audience

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the ability to target a specific audience isn’t as easy with direct mail as it is with digital platforms. Fortunately, that’s not true. Companies can use many tools to learn more about people living in a specific area, including ages and average income. Companies may also invest in services that give them contact lists for direct mail marketing so they can be sure they’re reaching out to the right audience. Overall, it’s easy for businesses to figure out the people they should be targeting with their direct mail campaign.

Direct mails is convenient for customers

Consumers love when things are easy and convenient, which is exactly what direct mail is. Direct mail is often a lot more straightforward than digital efforts, which can be appealing. Whether it’s offering a coupon, providing a phone number to call, or giving a reminder for an upcoming event, direct mail is easy to understand. Digital marketing can get complex if consumers need to go to more than one link or sign up for an account. So when customers get something easy to understand, they’ll be more likely to respond.

Tracking success is easy with direct mail

Another key benefit of direct mail marketing is that it’s simple for businesses to tell whether or not their campaign is successful. While it’s certainly easy to track the success of digital marketing campaigns, it can be done with direct mail, too. Companies should include a phone number to call or a website link designed specifically for direct mail consumers. This way, companies can easily tell when someone is directed to them through direct mail.

Better chance of being memorable

Consumers normally get a ton of emails and social media posts directed to them regarding various marketing campaigns. But when someone gets something in the mail, it often leads to a stronger emotional response because it’s something physical they can hold. And at a time when more companies are choosing to go digital, direct mail efforts can really make a company stand out. Chances are that consumers are more likely to remember a company that sent them something in the mail.

Customizing direct mail is an option

While it’s possible, customizing digital marketing efforts isn’t always easy. And if it is customized, it usually just includes a consumers’ name. But with direct mail, marketing efforts can be completely customized. Businesses can even take it upon themselves to add special touches, like a handwritten note or a wax seal to stand out. When consumers receive something in the mail that was personalized for them, they’re likely to respond quite positively.

So does direct mail still work? It certainly does, as long as it’s done correctly. When using direct mail marketing, companies should be sure to get creative by trying things such as personalized messages or even different folding techniques. Businesses should also try to evoke feelings from consumers to get a response. But all in all, when businesses send consumers something unique, informative, and interesting in the mail, they could receive a great response.