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If you are a regular visitor to online casinos then you are probably wondering how these virtual establishments affect regular land-based casinos, as the popularity of the online version is at an all time high? 

This is reflected by recent research carried out by the UK gambling commission that discovered that revenue has increased from gambling and the biggest leap has been amassed from online betting, with the lion share attributed to online slots. It’s not just the UK that has seen this rise, these statistics are being mirrored elsewhere too. 

More people have turned to online slot play because of the convenience offered by these games at They are also enjoyed by a totally different cliental when compared to other forms of gambling such as sports betting. More women and young people are playing slots from the privacy of their own homes. 

Technological Breakthrough

Since the birth of the internet, the gambling industry has utilized new technology to the full and online casinos have proved to be a great success. With the introduction of super fast broadband, extensive internet coverage, public Wifi and smartphones and tablets, online casinos have become more accessible to those of a legal age to gamble.

Choice Is King

Online casinos offer consumers a huge choice of games that land-based casinos cannot match. A standard online casino offers customers a sportsbook that includes betting on live events. This is also known as in-play betting. It also offers punters a cash-out option, where they can collect their winnings before the bet is complete or let the complete bet play out.

Online casinos also stream live sporting events that can be viewed by consumers whilst they bet, all from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, most online casinos have a Live Casino section included on their sites. Here you can get the full casino experience from your living room as you interact with live dealers. All the games that you would enjoy at a brick and mortar establishment are ready and waiting to be explored at a click of a button. Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat and more, can all be experienced in HD from laptops, computers and mobile devices.

Slots The Star Attraction

However, the most popular part of online casinos has proven to be the slots. Gone are the days when you put in coins and pulled a lever and watched fruit symbols spin around. The modern slot is almost like playing a game on a console. It has now become a fully immersive experience, thanks to great computer graphics and sound. The choice of slots on most online casinos run into the hundreds and in-house casinos cannot compete with the room available to store games on a digital platform. Interestingly, the popularity of slots has affected the traditional games that most people play at regular casino venues. 

Revenue from games such as Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack are falling. This does not directly compromise the profits of online casinos as they have hundreds of slots to absorb the downturn in table game interest. This is not the case for regular casinos as they are more table game focused and rely heavily on these for profits.

Home Comforts 

Not all people find the thought of visiting a land-based casino exciting. Some people think that these establishments are only for the rich and therefore feel intimidated by them. Another reason why online casinos are hugely popular is that they allow punters to remain

anonymous during their gambling experience, without the feelings of inadequacy they may experience at a regular venue. This anonymity has proven a great draw with the public and from research conducted, is a real winner with female punters. Many online casinos even throw-in scratchcards and bingo too, this also scores highly with a female audience. 

Challenges Ahead

Non-remote gambling of all types is facing tough times. Advances in technology and the changing gambling habits of the public have led to addiction concerns in this section of the industry. These gambling sectors face a squeeze that will continue to bite as long as remote gambling continues to grow in popularity. Government bodies have been forced to act, to prevent social problems linked to excessive gambling on gaming machines in betting shops and other gambling venues.

Land-based casinos have been around for many years and survived wars and other social upheaval. The thrills offered at a casino environment can make for a memorable night out. However, they are being eclipsed by the growth in the remote gambling sector. They more than any part of the industry, face direct competition from their online casino cousins.

Is The Online Casino Success Story A Good Thing?

It is a fact the online casinos have brought gambling and the casino experience to a wider audience and that it caters for all budgets, unlike most regular casinos that rely on attracting high-rollers to increase profits. Land-based casino revenues are falling across the globe including the casino power bases of Asia and North America. This is also in evidence in the UK.

 To say that this is all down to the success of online casinos is to oversimplify the situation. However, there is no denying that remote casinos have played a major part in the downturn. Many land-based casinos have wisely moved parts of their operations online to give punters the best of both worlds. This has helped prevent further loss in revenue.

Others have become exclusive online entities and sold off their land-based offerings that were more bingo focused than casino game based. Another major draw of online casinos are that they offer their customers plenty of freebies such as free spins, daily free games and sign up bonuses. This has left their land-based cousins reeling and they must no longer rely on out dated methods such as loyalty cards. to keep their customer base coming back for more. 

Effects Of Online Casinos On Regular In-House Casinos Conclusion

There are other factors that have led to a decline in the popularity of regular casinos. These include tighter regulations introduced by governments around the world and economic factors. However,  online casinos have taken customers away from regular casinos because they offer the punter more.