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In today’s era, we have to market our business on different platforms and email is one of them! While some people may think that email is not that important platform to market your business but do you know that around 34% of people use email worldwide, that is 2.5 billion people. That is a massive number and massive enough to consider email marketing as a business strategy. We have picked up some good reason why email and ecommerce marketing are important, do read the article below if you are planning to market your business. 

1. People prefer email. 

No matter what age group you are looking for, you will find a variety of people on email and that can be your future customer. While social media have become everyone’s hot favorite there is still a very good number of people who prefer emails over social media. Some times we can’t reach our target audience for our brand that’s where email marketings come in handy, you can find a direct medium that allows us to reach and leads to the customers. 

2. It is an effective way!! 

Social media may works when you have to make them aware of your business but when it comes to conversion email marketing will be your best choice. As mentioned above people prefer email, it will be important to convert people into your customers, members and supporters. A report has shown that email marketing has been increased and customer acquisition though it has been 4 times since 2013, it is enough to give you an idea about the reach of email marketing these days! 

3. It is economically friendly 

The hardest thing about marketing your business is that you have to spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing and it can be a barrier in your business increase but with email marketing, you won’t face such a problem. It is effective and less expensive compared to other marketing strategies. You will reach a large number of people at a really low rate per message. A large portion of US companies do their marketing via email in spite of traditional marketing ways like tv or radio commercial. The fact that people are turning back to email marketing is enough to understand it’s inexpensive effectiveness. 

4. It is personal and customizable.

One of the best features of email marking is that you can sort out your targeted audience for your product and services and then send them a tailored message. It is the most effective way to increase your revenue and sales. The best example of it is when you do mobile marketing via social media or any other platform you have to mention all the community and a section of people but when you do it via email you will be writing a personal message that creates an image that the product or service is just made for them and it has proven to be really effective as it shows a huge jump in revenues and sales. 

5. It is measurable.

Last but not least you will be able to measure your marketing with just a click. At the end of the, you can see how many people have opened the email and clicked on your link and how many people have unsubscribed. You will know how successful your email marketing is, there won’t be any guessing you will have straight answers. It also can help your app to increase downloads.

So these are the reasons why email marketing is effective and why you should adopt it in your marking strategies. Check our cac info too. This will help you.