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MS Dhoni last played for India in the semi-final of the 2019 World Cup. He took India close to a remarkable come from behind victory with support from Ravindra Jadeja but could not take the side home.

We have not heard from MS Dhoni since then or seen him on the cricket field. We know that Dhoni was in Chennai preparing for the IPL but the restrictions because of COVID-19 have put that tournament in jeopardy. 

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We still have no world from MS Dhoni himself about his plans but we do know that neither do any of the senior Indian players or the selectors know either. Rohit Sharma was having a fan interaction with his fans on Instagram live when he was asked about MS Dhoni’s future. Sharma said categorically that he did not have any idea either and that only Dhoni can answer such a question.

Harbhajan Singh, also a part of the live interaction with Rohit Sharma, remarked that he did not believe MS Dhoni wants to play for India any longer. 

These are two players that have played with MS Dhoni for a number of years and continue to do so. Harbhajan Singh is in the same IPL side as MS Dhoni but neither has any idea of what Dhoni wants to do. 

We also have heard from selectors in the past that they are waiting to hear from MS Dhoni about his future plans and are moving on until there is any clarity. Saurav Ganguly, the current president of the BCCI, also Dhoni’s former captain, has also expressed a lack of any knowledge about Dhoni’s retirement or plans to continue playing for India.

Leaving it he always did!

We cannot help but think that MS Dhoni has been a bit disrespectful to his legion of fans and his teammates by this lack of communication. Dhoni does not owe anything to anyone after having played at the highest level for decades, he has won everything that can be won, and he has left the team in a very strong state. 

If Dhoni decides to retire, we would all love to congratulate him on a brilliant career. If Dhoni decides to play for India then we would love to see him succeed and bring more plaudits to the team. 

In the current situation, though, Dhoni appears to be enjoying keeping everyone guessing. He is making it difficult for India to truly think of a successor since the possibility of Dhoni’s return always looms large on everyone.  

No Indian player can be expected to stay away from all competitive cricket for close to one and a half years and then just return as if nothing has happened. This time away from the game could actually be longer if the IPL is postponed. 

MS Dhoni is going to go down in history as one of the greatest ever to don the Indian colors. We just wish he would communicate a bit better with the fans and actually allow us a glimpse into what he is planning for the future.