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The entertainment world has been experiencing tremendous growth as technology continues to advance. Today, fans from different corners of the world can watch their favorite players in a live match. Sports have also become more exciting. On top of people having access to real-time footage on what is going on in the pitch, they can also bet on them. Today, gamblers can wager on almost any sport, and one of them is cricket. This may still be new to some people. Here are insights that can help you understand how you can do successful cricket betting on BetGold

1. Ways to bet on cricket 

You must be wondering what in cricket, people bet on. Well, it is pretty simple. Gamblers who specialize in cricket tend to look at two things: the outcome of the match, and the outcome of the six overs.

In the case of the outcome of the game, you will bets money which team you believe will win. Six overs betting involves predicting the number of runs that the players can accumulate within a given number of overs. For instance, if you are betting on the six overs, you might predict 70 runs in the next six overs

2. Understand the different formats of the game

Once you have versed yourself with what you should bet on in cricket, you need to understand the different formats. 

By format, it means that the different batting sides in the game have different numbers of innings and overs. The innings refer to the number of times in bat, and the overs refer to the number of deliveries faced. The different game formats include first-class cricket, limited overs cricket, and Twenty20 cricket. 

Note that different players and different teams are better at different game formats. This is information you should have prior to betting you should be well versed in the different formats. This will give you the information you need to make the right betting decisions.

3. Learn the rules of the games

Just like the players need to understand the rules of the game before they go to the pitch, you need to verse yourself with the rules before betting. As much as you will not be playing, this information will boost you while betting and help you understand why you lose or win a bet.

Some of the basic rules of the game include the number of players that each team should have. Two teams play the game, and each should have eleven players. The teams are also supposed to take turns in batting and fielding. In the game, the fielding team tries to take out the batting team by hitting the wickets with the ball, hitting the batman’s leg, catching a shot, and so on. 

Cricket is considered a complicated game, but once you get a grip on it, it is enjoyable. If you want to start betting on the game, do a lot of research to understand it, and have patience while doing it. With the information above, you should be ready to get started.