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Ever since I was a kid, I was always too afraid to open up to people and with strangers, I could hardly utter a word as I was stuck in my shell. I was a complete introvert, keeping everything to myself because of the fear of receiving criticism from others. 

There was also a lack of confidence because looking at my other extroverted friends; I always felt I could be no match against them. Growing up as an introvert significantly minimized my abilities because I left out many things thinking that I could never face people or challenges head-on. 

With my introverted nature came my fear of traveling because I always felt comfortable in myself and my familiar surroundings which created a fear of traveling with strangers to unknown destinations. Also, my other fear was of flying, for which there was no definite reason. 

But as I think about it, it was somehow associated with my introverted nature because flying can be associated with being free and soaring high without any care like a bird, which I could never do so. I also kept this fear within myself and never tried to face it to overcome it.

An Encounter With A Life Coach

Just some few years back as I was browsing the internet, I found out about online life coaching from this site. I have always considered my problems to be a hindrance to my life, but I could not bring myself to approach anyone for help. So, a coach to reach out for help through phone calls or online just sitting at home interested me. 

I made an appointment with a life coach and ever since my life has never been the same. At first, I couldn’t open up quickly, but slowly my life coach gained my confidence and had worked tirelessly with me to make me realize that there are people who can be trusted.

Changing My Thinking Through A Life Coach

 It has also helped me to accept myself as I am at the same time to receive people as they are and to share my wonderful gift of life to others. I have learned to overcome my fears of facing people and as such my social standing has improved considerably well among friends, family, and colleagues. 

A Life Coach Will Help You Overcome Your Fears

 I have also learned to enjoy traveling without fear. Now, I look forward to discovering and explore new places, learning many new things about each location. By overcoming my other fears, I have slowly learned to enjoy flying. I feel that I am free and from above I can look down on all the massive things growing smaller and smaller making me think of how the creator must be looking down on his creations in that way. This, of course, was a tip given to me by my life coach to overcome my fear of flying. My life has become better, and I can dial the number of my coach anytime and share whatever I want to as well as ask for tips to overcome some minor issues as I am still on the process of perfection.