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Picture this: you’ve found the love of your life, the one special someone you know you want to spend the rest of your life with.  You’ll get to grow old and build a whole life together. All your dreams are on the verge of coming true… but you can’t quite figure out the perfect way to propose.  Everything seems either too flashy or not momentous enough. A proposal is a huge step forward in a relationship, so obviously you want to make sure it is done correctly.  There are so many things to consider when planning the perfect proposal, but with your love guiding your way, you’ll be able to start off your life together beautifully.

Know Your Person

There are about seven billion people in the world, so you have a lot of choices for the person whom you would like to marry.  Dating around can be fun at first, but can eventually turn into a hassle. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of bad potential partners to find someone you really enjoy being around.  Finding that person you want to spend substantial amounts of time with and never get sick of means you are a lucky person. Obviously, you want to portray that while planning your proposal.  

Marriage is a big step.  There are some things to consider before proposing.  Do you and your significant other have similar ideas about finances?  About cleanliness within your home? About children? There are significant changes that come when you decide to live with someone else and commit to them forever, so you want to be sure!  Are you the kind of couple who likes to spend every Friday and Saturday going out to grab cocktails? Or would you possible prefer staying inside and catch up on your Fantasy Football team?  Every couple is different, and that is the beautiful thing about relationships.

And Know What They Want

Once you find the love of your life, you clearly know them very well.  So when it comes to planning, it truly is best to just trust your gut. You can read everyone else’s opinions of how you should showcase your love, but really, you know your relationship better than anyone.  And each person is going to prefer something different. Some people prefer a big and showy proposal, while others may enjoy something small and private. If this is the love of your life, that one special someone who is more important to you than anyone else, you will know what will be perfect for them.  Its okay so make a simple dinner at home and propose cuddling on the couch. It is also okay to choreograph an entire lip-dub number in the middle of the mall and rock their socks off with your dancing skills. Or maybe you’re a couple that would enjoy a nice walk in the park and finding a simple river bank to pop the question.  Whatever you choose, it is guaranteed to be a special moment!

Picking the Ring

A huge part of many proposals is definitely picking the perfect ring.  A big decision to make here is whether you would like a ring designed by some of the big jewelry chains or opt for a smaller, more customizable piece.  There are stores all across the world that specialize in creating this everlasting symbol of love. You can even shop online and enjoy beautiful engagement rings in Brisbane or even find a jeweler in your local mall.

When purchasing an engagement ring it is important to remember the 5 “C”s: cut, color, clarity, carat, and consultation.  Cut is less about the shape of the diamond and more about how it reflects light and shines brightly.  Now most people think a diamond is most valuable the clearer it is, which is what you’ll look at when you think about color.  Clarity has to do with the smooth and unbroken nature of the diamond. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond (so when you hear about someone having a “big rock” that would mean a higher carat).  And lastly, consultation is exactly what it sounds like. Bring a friend, and don’t go through the process of buying a ring alone. Have someone there to help you make this incredibly important decision.

An engagement ring is another piece to the engagement, wedding, and life that you want to be sure you get right.  Rings are as unique and special as the person you’re marrying. Be sure you pick out a fabulous ring that will reflect your fabulous future spouse.

Capturing the Moment

We live in an age today where capturing every moment is not only special, but it is essential.  More and more we see videos of fabulous proposals going viral for the world to see. Whether you want your moment captured for yourself or for your extended friends and family, it may be a good idea to consider having it documented.  There are photographers and filmographers for hire who not only photograph weddings, but can take pictures of the engagement as well! Of course, you are also always welcome to opt for a friend who can take a few pictures on their smartphone.  These are some valuable memories that can eventually be made into canvas prints to display in your future home.  The look on your new fiancé’s face when you get down on one knee is one of excitement and joy.  Be sure you have that beautiful and honest love captured forever.

Spread Your Love

After the engagement, you have so much life to look forward to spending together.  If you start it off right, happiness will be yours for the taking. The proposal story is one you will be telling for a long time to come, maybe even in you retirement communities!  It is an incredibly personal and monumental thing you are planning.  As long as you follow your gut and make everything intentional for the two of you as a couple, you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful story.  Good luck!