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Finding motivation is very important to overcome obstacles and challenges. Whatever the situation may be and whatever action you want to take, without the proper mindset you will never reach any goals, and with your blog it is no exception.

As a blogger, discovering that you no longer have sufficient motivation does not imply that you have the ability to solve your problem. This is because most of the time we have experience in the field, at other times just because we cannot (or don’t want to) see our own problems. It is as if we want to recognize the obvious to justify ourselves to others, and especially to ourselves, that everything is going well.

But the interior speaks to us all the time, and best of all, it does it to guide us on the right path, but like many of you already know, most of the time we prefer to live in ignorance. While it’s clear that if you read these lines because you are one of those people who prefer to make changes of course as bloggers, you haven’t given up, but you need answers. There is no magic formula. What works for you may work very well, maybe for others it is not much, but it is clear that motivation helps everyone, because in reality the language used is universal and not personal.

Motivation is what makes us grow as individuals regardless of what you will focus on: business, friendship, love, etc. This is what causes your actions to be more effective because you have energy and illusion so you can push yourself toward your personal success. If you want to stay motivated, it is going to be important that you find methods to do so. One way is by reading motivational quotes and phrases that help inspire your spirit.

Steps to not lose motivation as a blogger

At this point, I think it’s time to explain how to be motivated as a blogger to avoid falling into your online failure. Although I will also tell you one thing: this post is focused on blogger, but can also be applied in all aspects of life, you only need to change some concepts. So, without further delay, let’s start.

If you are a motivated blogger, you are special

Certainly. If you are a blogger and also motivated, you are a special person. Think that most bloggers leave their projects before this year. But if we go deeper, most bloggers, when two weeks have passed, leave their pages. This is because they think it’s very easy to have visitor traffic and see that they don’t exceed 10 visits every day it doesn’t make sense to continue.

Instead, you choose to continue. Regardless of the difficulties, you are still betting on your project, your expectations, and no matter how much you will give your best so that your blog continues to grow. You must be proud of you. You are a person who is active with hope and above all with the desire to change the world. Remember that a post can change the lives of many people, including you.

Having a blog can be frustrating, but you will grow as a person

Until you have your own blog, you will never know how frustrating it is not to reach your short-term goals. Seeing that your visitors does not increase, that you do not receive comments or social interactions can make you feel that the blogosphere does not take you into account and you do not add value to others. That feeling of frustration can be overwhelming and daunting to say the least.

“At a certain point in your blogging career it is going to be vital that you seek out some assistance” says Adam Jones, co-founder of The Coaching Institute. “Many young bloggers try to go it alone and do everything themselves which is why it can take many years until they reach their goals. Sadly, many will get burnt out and give up out before they reach their potential.”

Having a blog will make you eternal

If there is no world disaster where humans disappear or you stop paying for hosting (if your blog is paid), all your tickets will be left for posterity. They will spend forty years and they will continue there. When you have grandchildren, you can teach them about your exploits as a teenager on the internet. In turn, you will show physical and non-imaginary knowledge, because the internet has these things, often it’s extraordinary. A blog will teach you that you are useful to many people and at the same time they will admire you.